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Nursing and Midwifery Strategic Framework Overview

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1 Caring with Kindness The Nursing and Midwifery Professional Practice Framework

2 Nursing and Midwifery Strategic Framework Overview
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3 Nursing and Midwifery Strategic Framework Overview
The purpose of the Framework is to outline: The vision for SA Health nurses and midwives. The five strategic priorities for the profession over the next three years; 2013 to 2015 and the expected outcomes. Caring with Kindness People and Culture Workforce Capability and Capacity Evidence Based Research in Clinical Practice Workforce Organisation Public - I1 - A1

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5 Strategic Priority 1: Caring with Kindness
Ensuring that care and compassion are at the heart of the nursing and midwifery profession and are intrinsic to how the fundamentals of care are provided to patients. The flagship objective: ‘Identify/construct and implement a framework that transforms the way that fundamental care is delivered at the point of care.’ Expected Outcome: A philosophy of caring, kindness and respect is evident in every interaction with those we care for. Public - I1 - A1

6 Strategic Priority 2: People and Culture
Delivery of Strategic Priority 2 People and Culture: Flagship Objective: To clearly articulate and describe the desired culture and embed it in daily practise so that it lives and breaths. Expected Outcome: The desired culture is embedded, living and breathing in daily practice. Publc - I1 - A1

7 The NM Governance Committee Structure.
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8 Competence with Confidence
How can we provide professional leadership for nurses and midwives in relation to the profession’s responsibility and commitment to competence in practice in the provision of quality care to the South Australian community? Public - I1 - A1

9 Julie Brown – Caring with Kindness The Nursing and Midwifery Professional Practice Framework
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11 Advice and feedback sought from nurses and midwives
Developing the concept for the Caring with Kindness – Nursing and Midwifery Professional Practice Framework Review of the international, national and state approaches to practice development frameworks and methodologies Advice and feedback sought from nurses and midwives A central reoccurring tenet in all the initiatives explored when developing the Framework was the concept of person centred care. The development of a discussion paper which outlined the proposed approach Public - I1 - A1

12 Why this approach? Significant practice development work already being undertaken across SA Health Light touch, maximum outcomes: The Frameworks interactive resource Evidence of achievement for the Framework also provides evidence of achievement for the NSQHSS, NMSF and for individual nurses and midwives performance review and development. The Framework also provides examples of the values and behaviours in action. Public - I1 - A1

13 Professional Practice Framework
The Core Principles (Components): Person Centred Care Fundamental Care Care Continuum System Efficiency and Effectiveness Managing Risk and Promoting Safety The requirements for each component (Enabling Elements) Outcome contexts have been identified for each of the Enabling Elements. These are: Patient Experience of Care (P) Nursing/midwifery practice (NM) Organisational systems and structures (S) Public - I1 - A1

14 Nursing and Midwifery Professional Practice Framework
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16 Nursing and Midwifery Professional Practice Framework
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17 Professional Practice Framework Interactive Resource
1.2 Create and redesign care processes to reflect a truly person centred approach Public-I1-A1

18 Professional Practice Framework Interactive Resource
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19 How will this be used Available on the N&MO website
Local Health Network Governance Who uses the resource? Individual nurses and midwives Level 3 and 4 nursing and midwifery team/unit/ service leaders LHN Nursing and Midwifery Leaders Why use the resource? To provides evidence of practice achievement To provides evidence for accreditation To informs Performance Review and Development (PRD) plan To potentially provides evidence of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Public - I1 - A1

20 Change Management Strategy
Engagement of the key stakeholders and the identification of nursing and midwifery leaders and change agents Comprises two components: Implementation Component Communication Plan Education Plan Evaluation Component Public - I1 - A1

21 Implementation Component
Communication Plan Professional Practice Framework hard copy Interactive Resource – Evidence and Activity Plans Update the Nursing and Midwifery Work/Role Descriptors Nursing and Midwifery Performance Review and Development Tool Education Plan DVD – Vignettes to communicate the values and behaviour Align funding for education programs with the NMSF and the NMPPF Align Nursing and Midwifery Scholarship funding with NMSF and the NMPPF Public - I1 - A1

22 Evaluation Component LHN Gap Analysis and Audit
Nursing and Midwifery key performance indicators A Performance Review and Development (PR&D) tool for nurses/midwives SA Health Patient Experience Survey SA Health Staff Survey Public - I1 - A1

23 Next Steps Communicating the NMPPF
Release of the NMPPF interactive resource Evaluation of the NMPPF Public - I1 - A1

24 Acknowledgements CNMO - Executive Sponsor
Nursing and Midwifery Leadership Council Practice Development Committee Nursing and Midwifery Advisory Forum Nursing and Midwifery Office Team Professional Practice Team SA Health Nurses and Midwives Public - I1 - A1

25 The Professional Practice Framework can be accessed via the SA Health Nursing and Midwifery Office website: Questions Thank You Public - I1 - A1

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