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Key Comparisons AP World History.

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1 Key Comparisons AP World History

2 Foundations Early agriculture in Eastern and Western Hemispheres
Pastoral nomadism vs. settled lifestyles Political, economic, & social characteristics of the four river valley civilizations Early civilizations of Eastern and Western hemispheres Political, economic, and social characteristics of the empires of Rome, Han, and Gupta Exchanges in Indian Ocean vs. those in the Mediterranean Sea Expansion of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity Origins, philosophies, and goals of Confucianism and Daoism Decline and fall of Han, Rome, Gupta Trans-Saharan vs. Silk Roads trade

3 600 - 1450 Feudalism in Japan & Western Europe
Mongol rule in Russia & China Muslim Spain & feudal Europe Spread of Islam & Buddhism Chinese & European presence in Indian Ocean Urban areas in Islamic world, non-Islamic Europe & China Acceptance of Islam in Africa & Europe Mesoamerican vs. Andean civilizations Polynesian, Viking, & Bantu migrations Gender roles in early Islam & under caliphate

4 1450 - 1750 European vs. Asian rulers
Empires in Africa, Europe, & Asia European vs. Asian economic systems Reactions of Japan vs. China to West Slavery vs. serfdom Trade in Mughal India vs. Ming China Russian vs. Ottoman interactions with West Gender roles in Ming vs. western Europe Transatlantic vs. Indian Ocean trade Western European vs. Asian & Ottoman technology

5 1750 - 1914 The Industrial Revolutions in Europe, Russia, & Japan
Revolutions: American, French, Haitian, Mexican(19100), & Chinese Responses to Western influence in China, Japan, India, & Ottoman Empire Nationalism in Italy & Germany Nationalism in Austrian Empire & Russia Imperialism in India & Africa Forms of imperialism in Africa & Latin America Roles of women in upper & middle classes vs. lower class Trade in Atlantic & Indian Ocean basins Trade in Western Europe & Ottoman Empire

6 1914 - Present Postwar governments of Western nations vs. Soviet bloc
Decolonization in Africa vs. India Effects of WW I vs. WW II Russian Revolution vs. Chinese revolution Reactions of Western vs. non-Western nations to U.S. consumer society Female roles in China and West Patterns of immigration in eastern vs. western hemispheres Patterns of economic development in Africa vs. Latin America Global trade in the Pacific Rim vs. the West Political & economic conditions in Russia before & after communism

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