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Westward Movement Class Discussion.

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1 Westward Movement Class Discussion

2 The American Frontier What is a frontier
Where was the American frontier located after the Civil War was over? This area is called the Great Plains.

3 Why do people migrate? Push Factors Pull Factors
Identify the following reasons for migrating to the west as either push or pull factors. Land is cheap Economic hardship at home In trouble with the law New opportunities Chance to help create a new community Looking for a chance to get rich Population is too crowded Chance to start life again.

4 Who was already there? American Indians

5 Klondike Gold Rush How did physical and human geography affect settlement in Alaska? Physical: Extreme cold makes farming and living difficult Human: There were already people living there Overlooked these factors to find gold.

6 U.S. Wants to Settle the Frontier
Homestead Act, 1862 Describe the economic impact and how did it contribute to settling the frontier? Government sold land to settlers at a low price with the possibility of obtaining it free. Large numbers took advantage and settled in the west.

7 Farm Issues How did farming affect the economy?
It is the basis of all American economy at this point. If the farms prosper, the economy will If they fail, the economy will crumble In the 1870s farmers were over producing and in great debt

8 Transcontinental Railroad
Describe the economic impact and how did this contribute to closing the frontier? Connected the East and West coast of the United States Created a nation market for all goods produced Made it easier to settle the frontier.

9 Cattle Industry Boom How did the cattle industry affect the economy and how was it interconnected with the transcontinental railroad? Cattle industry began in Texas. The railroads provided a way for cattle to be shipped. It was a terrific boom to the economy as the industry spread leading to meat packing and related industries.

10 Series of Indian Wars Occurs

11 Assimilation ( ) + or -

12 Solution Was to Place Indians on Reservations

13 Dawes Act

14 American Indian Citizenship Act of 1924
“All non-citizen Indians born within the territorial limits of the United States be, and they are hereby, declared to be citizens of the United States: Provided that the granting of such citizenship shall not in any manner impair or otherwise affect the right of any Indian to tribal or other property” Were Native American Indians treated fairly? Do the ends justify the means?

15 Review How did the discovery of gold and silver affect the westward movement? How did the Transcontinental Railroad impact the migration? Why might there be conflict between ranchers and farmers? What was the impact of the Homestead Act of 1869? Describe the history of Native Americans from the period of the Indian Wars until the passage of the American Indian Citizenship Act (1924).

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