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Objective 2: Explain & analyze the methods used by the United States to contain the spread of communism.

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1 Objective 2: Explain & analyze the methods used by the United States to contain the spread of communism

2  Causes: 1. Conflicting Ideologies 2. Growing Mistrust 3. Allies to enemies  Stalin instilled communists governments throughout Eastern Europe Europe divided by Iron Curtain  Satellite nations: countries dominated by the Soviet Union

3 “Stop babying the Soviets” ~President Truman  Feb 1946 George Kennan proposed a policy of containment: taking measures to prevent any extension of communist rule to other countries A bedrock principle of U.S. foreign policy from mid 1940s to early 1990s

4  Truman Doctrine: U.S. policy of providing economic & military aid to free nations threatened by internal or external opponents  Focus Area: Greece & Turkey  1947-1950: U.S. sent $400 million in aid  Outcome: Greatly reduced danger of communist threat in Greece & Turkey “The seeds of totalitarian regimes are nurtured by misery and want. They spread and grow in evil soil of poverty and strife. They reach their full growth when the hope of a people for a better life has died” ~President Truman

5  Effects – U.S.: 1. U.S. officially adopted policy of containment 2. Americans assumed Soviets wanted to take over the world 3. U.S. believe it had to fight this effort, with aid as needed and with force if necessary 4. U.S. creates National Security Council(NSC) & Central Intelligence Agency(CIA)  Effects – Soviet Union: 1. Saw U.S. & allies as hostile powers committed to destroying communism & threaten Soviet security 2. Efforts to restrict nuclear weapons as a way to maintain U.S. monopoly on atomic energy

6  The Marshall Plan: Program in 1947 to make Europe rich, strong, & prosperous enough to resist Communism, by providing financial help. Reinforced Truman Doctrine  Focus area: 16 countries in Western Europe Satellite nations forbidden from receiving aid  1948-1952: U.S. sent $13 billion in aid to W. Europe  Results: By 1952 W. Europe was flourishing and the Communist party had lost much of its appeal to voters


8  Soviet Reaction: Stalin saw Marshall Plan as an attempt to interfere in Soviet internal affairs Soviets create Molotov Plan: provide money to aid Eastern Europe Created COMECON – to link Soviet economy with E. European economies

9  1948: France, G.B. & U.S. decide to unify their zones in Germany Federal Republic of Germany  Move angered Stalin Closed off access to Berlin  Allies no longer have access to capital  No fuel/supplies in to Berlin  Force Allies to give up Berlin or plans for German state

10  The USA determined to support West Berlin as it represented the democratic system.  Avoid war = President Truman ordered an airlift of food & other supplies into West Berlin. Berlin Airlift

11 NATO (NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION) WARSAW PACT  Formed in 1949  12 members Noncommunist governments  Pledged military support in case of attack  1 st time in history U.S. entered into a military alliance  Effects: U.S. no longer used isolationism  Formed in 1955  8 Communist countries join in a military defense

12 YOUR TASK:YOUR OPTIONS  Show how containment was both moral and needed during the Cold War Era  Must include at least 1 policy of containment to showcase its awesomeness!  Must include catchy slogan & definition of communism  Must include 3 reasons for why containment justified  Advertisement Poster Color and drawings (1-2)  Political Cartoon (1-2)  Advertisement Skit Roles (1-4)

13 It’s for the Soviets…

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