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CDM 2015 A project is more than just a construction site Martin Lee Group SHEQ Manager.

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1 CDM 2015 A project is more than just a construction site Martin Lee Group SHEQ Manager

2 Content Background Why change? Hopes and expectations Key Changes Duty Holders and responsibilities A case study for discussion Will the new approach work?

3 CDM – what has it brought us? Devil’s advocate - Look back Has it produced benefits? “Is the job CDM’able?” Are we engaged in the process? Remember Part 2 of CDM07 applies to all jobs Often notification trigger is the only consideration for action CDMC appointment often too late in the day Preventing their full potential to be realised

4 CDM – 20 years on Roles and principles highly familiar now 2 nd revision Core ‘vision’ remains – ‘Co-ordinated project safety’ Large Clients have engaged Ever more information for designers Persistent problems Impossible scope Little ‘ownership’ on smaller projects Contractual compatibility?

5 Key Changes Evolution not revolution Client – greater responsibility Domestic client exemption - removed Competency requirements ‘unpicked’ Embeds the ‘Coordination’ function within project team rather than a single role of CDMC CPP for all projects – any size of ‘construction’ work Threshold for appointments - >1 contractor Adjustments to Notification triggers

6 Background to 2015 Parliamentary debate challenged aspects of CDM07 Government agreed to a 3 year review Evaluation commenced in 2010 Focus groups / CONIAC WG / Stakeholders / Inspectors Review Published in 2012 as part of Lofstedt review Positively viewed … but … Still seen as over-bureaucratic Competency requirements burdensome, esp for SME’s Coordination in Pre-Con phase not working well

7 Background to 2015 EU - TMCS Directive Domestic clients & Appointment triggers Current position not ‘legally sustainable’ Infraction Significant Delays after initial drafting Consultation exercise Considerable response

8 What’s not changed? Part 4 – Technical standards for all construction sites General Principles of prevention Welfare requirements of Schedule 2 Broadly … the duties of the Principal Contractor Streamlined Changes to emphasis

9 Core Principles – manage risks Appoint right people at right time in the project team General Principles of Prevention Avoid Risk Evaluate risk that cannot be avoided Implement proportionate measures to control risk at source Information, instruction, training & supervision Cooperation, coordination & communication Consultation and engagement with workforce

10 Clients Duties ‘Clients will be expected to exercise their influence as to how a project is run’ Similar Principals but role is ‘strengthened’ Greater emphasis in language for Client & PD ‘shall take reasonable steps’ vs ‘must’ Demands ownership Relationship with Principal Designer in particular will be vital Guidance recommends a clear written Clients ‘Brief’

11 Clients duties : Pre-con Formulate suitable management arrangements Select project team & appoint duty-holders Provide information for design & construction planning Notify regulator Ensure Principal Designer is carrying out duties Make sure CPP is in place prior to construction phase

12 Notification thresholds Project expected to last 30 days…. ….and project expected to have more than 20 workers at any one time Or project will exceed 500 person days of work Stops sites from blitzing projects with labour to rush through Most domestic notifications excluded Overall – expected to reduce number of notifications There has always been significant under-notification

13 Client duties – Con Phase Construction phase plan reviewed periodically Welfare facilities in place and up to spec Schedule 2 is unchanged Welfare standards still an HSE Priority Ensure management arrangements working Manage completion and handover of structure Post Construction Check H&S file prepared Maintain and make it available

14 Domestic Clients Work on own home and not in connection with a business Clients duties must be carried out by: The contractor, on single contractor jobs Or, the Principal Contractor (if more than one contractor) Or, the Principal Designer if by written agreement with the client Construction Phase Plan is required

15 Client ‘Principals’ – PC and PD Must be appointed for any job with more than one contractor – no link to notification thresholds Guidance stresses the need for effective and sustained coordination between the Principals respective roles (and back up to the client). Both plan, manage, monitor and coordinate The Pre-Con … and then Construction phases respectively They can overlap Guidance is ‘woolly’ on PD role duration

16 The Principal Designer The significant change over 2007 Regs CDMC role was highly variable in its effect Often appointed too late by client to make positive impact Seen as providing competent source of advice, rather than Coordinating activity, particularly at the Pre-Con phase Consultation process highlighted strong views No accountability – No real power New PD Role is a significant opportunity for change

17 Why is the PD role so important It has the potential to address so many ‘gaps’ –Big difference between what is planned and what is actually is resourced/actioned at site level –Lack of co-ordinated communication between designers and ‘constructors’ –A design commissioned as a separate contract can firmly stifle the principles of CDM

18 PD - Duties Plan, Manage, Monitor and Coordinate pre construction phase Ensure all other designers comply with their duties Support the client in provision of PCI Ensure effective cooperation with the client by other parties Align efforts with Principles of Prevention Avoid risks / evaluate remaining / Implement controls at source No mention of ‘Hazard’ elimination

19 PD – wider effect Role is expected to look at the whole project Are other designers conforming to PoP? Are pathways for liaison clear and established between all necessary parties Have wider design aspects included ‘buildability’, including space, access, traffic routes ? Will the role work? CDMC had relatively clear duties

20 Designers Duties Not significantly changed PoP’s principles apply Provide risk information With design drawings Refer ‘problematic’ risks back to the PD

21 Principal Contractor A success story of CDM A familiar face within the legislation Many are excellent Can cover a poor client / CDMC Often take on too much

22 PC Duties Manages and coordinates the Construction phase – little has changed Must liaise with the Principal Designer Provide information to the health and safety file Engage & communicate with the workforce Much progress on this since CDM07 arrived Bolstered within guidance for 2015 LWIT

23 Duties of Contractors Little change – streamlined over ‘07 Plan, manage and monitor their own work Comply with directions from PC and the PD Draw up a CPP, even if they are the only contractor on a small job Ensure necessary SKTE of appointees and supervise them

24 SKTE vs Competency? ‘Competency’ requirements are absent in 2015 HSE acknowledge – difficult to pin down Its about more than just a card / SSiP replaced by Skills, Knowledge, Training and Experience Constituent parts allow more effective assessment? 2 Regulations include reference Reg 8 – general requirements Reg 15 - Contractors

25 Transitional arrangements From April 6 th all aspects of 2015 Regs should be implemented, except: –For projects starting before April 6 th and continuing beyond: If no CDMC or PC appointed, the client must: –Appoint PC if construction phase has started –Appoint a PD and a PC if the Con Phase has not started Where CDMC already in place: –Client must appoint PD within 6 months (6 th Oct) –CDMC stays in place until PD is appointed

26 Guidance HSE L-Series guidance document NOT ACoP Lofstedt ‘Signposting’ ACoP likely Driven by consultation response ‘CDM Worksheets’ ? Code will not appear for a few months Endorsed Industry Guidance Produced by CONIAC WG Hosted by CITB

27 Guidance New CDM 2015 Website CPP template for smaller sites Guidance leaflet for commercial clients Smartphone App

28 What to expect Trackback to Clients and Designers when incidents occur Far more scrutiny of Pre-Construction phase Will the PD role work as the PC role has? Current Regs have strong duties for CDMC and Client CDM2015 is a real opportunity to drive improvements in construction –But clients and PD must be together from the concept stage

29 Will it work? An example


31 Future event Working Well Together Partnership Safety Update Event Thursday 30 th April at Eden Project 2 HSE Speakers CDM Roll Out Occupational Health Programme update 2 Sessions Event marketing will start soon – all welcome

32 Thank you – any questions?

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