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2 Presenters Scot Brooks, Emergency Manager – Moore County
Steve Powers, Central Branch Office Manager - NCEM Janie Pinkston Sutton, Assistant Director of Field Operations – NCSBI Freddie Johnson Jr., Captain of Field Operations - NCSHP

3 Planning Process Planned, organized, and implemented by senior leadership from multiple agencies operating under Unified Command. Complete buy-in from the top to the bottom that this was a major event for North Carolina and that it was going to be successful. Governor McCrory Secretary Perry Commissioner Baker I will admit that we were a little nervous about the Commissioner being the Incident Commander of a local event but we were open to the idea. My feelings are that an Incident Commander must serve three major functions to be successful. A good IC must allow his Command Staff to do there job and not be a micro manager. A good IC needs to manage the moral and keep all staff focused on the goal and objectives. A good IC needs to make an educated, decisive, decision when requested by the Command Staff. I can honestly tell you that Commissioner Baker is one of the best Incident Commanders that we have ever worked for and he is welcome in Moore County anytime.

4 Moore County Responsibilities
Public Safety Coordination Plan Incident Communications Center Incident Command System Medical Plan Fire Plan Disaster Plans Severe Weather Plan Mass Casualty Plan Decontamination Plan Public Health Plan Evacuation Plan Geographical Information Mapping System

5 Incident Communications Center
24 / 7 operations Moore County 911 and Pinehurst PD staff CAD, Mapping, VOIP telephones, VIPER radios

6 Medical Plan Bicycle Paramedics Medical Cart Paramedics
Four Medical Tents staffed with Physicians, Nurses and Paramedics

7 Medical Report 2121 patients seen in the medical tents
313 patients treated by the Bike Team and Med Carts (24 patients transported)

8 Fire Plan Inspections Fire Watch Fire Carts Apparatus Staging
Parking Areas Ingress / Egress Corporate Village

9 Our thoughts on Success
Our Management Team Our Management Philosophy So that’s exactly what we done!

10 NC Emergency Management
The NC Department of Public Safety, Emergency Management Division was involved in the planning process early. They attended every meeting and were engaged at all levels in the overall planning process. NCEM staff participated in the planning, development and delivery of a multi-agency, multi-hazard, pre-event Tabletop Exercise. Director Mike Sprayberry Deputy Director Joe Wright Central Branch Manager Steve Powers Area 8 Coordinator Yancy King

11 NC Emergency Management
A “standby” All Hazards Incident Management Team was developed by the Central Branch Manager for the duration of the event. The Accountability of emergency Responders was managed by NCEM Logistics staff and Area Coordinators utilizing the state owned Salamander System.

12 NC Emergency Management
NCEM and MCPS staff managed all Briefings, Debriefings, WEBEOC updates, Situation Reports, daily Weather Bulletins, etc.. NCEM was instrumental in the overall management of the incident via the Incident Command System. An Incident Action Plan was completed for each operational period. Direct video / data / voice link with the state EOC in Raleigh.

13 NC Office of EMS Surge Capacity at Moore Regional Hospital in conjunction with the RACS (M8) Ambulance Strike Team Plan Roger Kiser – Healthcare Preparedness Specialist Vincent Jordan – Area EMS Specialist EMS Chief – Regina Godette

14 NC Public Health Managed by the Moore County Health Department in conjunction with the NC Department of Public Health. Food Protection Disease Epidemiology Surveillance Dr. Robin Cummings Amanda Fuller Moore and staff

15 NC Public Health - Surveillance
Epidemiological surveillance was completed through review of medical tent reports, EMS bike team reports, and a specially created US Open dashboard in NC Detect, the hospital surveillance system. Surveillance revealed no disease outbreaks but did reveal increases in instances of heat related illness leading public health to work with the USGA to increase public messaging about heat and the importance of hydration and increase the availability of water for visitors throughout the course

16 NC Public Health – Environmental Health
Extensive training for event volunteers related to food handling/preparation with catering companies Over 350 concession site inspections over 250 instances of non-compliance Delegation of Authority agreements with Moore County and neighboring counties

17 NC Law Enforcement NCSBI NCALE NCSHP
Law Enforcement portions of this presentation have been removed. Asst. Director Janie Pinkston Sutton – Bomb Squad Commander Tim Luper – Brian Neil who ran the IOC NCALE – Director BW Collier – Asst. Director Ken Pike – Special Agent Kelton Brown NCSHP – Colonel Grey - Lt. Colonel Bell - Major West – Captain Johnson – Lieutenant Manuel - Dr. Sean Siler

18 Our first major event after full VIPER implementation.
Complete interoperability between agencies. Plenty of talk groups and handheld radios Redundant infrastructure Mike Hodgson Trooper Lane Hobbs

19 NC Department of Transportation
Road Signage Responsiveness to traffic and road conditions. Participation in the planning and management process Evan McKinnon

20 Federal Agencies Federal Bureau of Investigations
United States Postal Inspection Service Federal Aviation Administration / Federal Air Marshal United States Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms 42nd Civil Support Team United States Department of Homeland Security Nick Klem Darryl Aspey

21 Geographical Information System Plan
Managed by the Moore County GIS Department.

22 Strengths Working Relationships Large scale incident experience
Live fire testing of staff, plans, processes, equipment. Experiences like this keep us sharpe and help us continue to be one of the premier states in the nation in terms of response to major incidents.

23 Questions Thank You


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