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Revision: A Issued: May 5, 2015 Revised: May 5, 2015.

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1 Revision: A Issued: May 5, 2015 Revised: May 5, 2015

2 As of May 01 2015 eQuaLified transitioned from Taleo to new examination software: Webassessor.  If you had previously taken Honeywell SCA examinations in the Taleo system, your profile has been pre-registered in Webassessor for you, please go directly to slide 5slide 5  If this is the first time you have taken Honeywell SCA examinations, please follow the instructions on slides 3 and 4 2

3 You must register in the exam center: (if you have not registered yet)  Create New Profile (Required fields are marked with an asterisk *)  Choose “Save” to complete profile and email will be sent to test taker.  To login, go to the home screen enter user name & password select login. 3

4 4 Registering In The Exam Center

5 5 You must register in the exam center: (if your profile was pre-registered) Enter your User Name (Honeywell EID) Click on “Forgot password. A new temporary password will be sent to you. Login with your User Name new temporary password then click “Change Password” to reset your password.

6 6  Before register for an assessment follow the instructions on the website that pertain to how to deliver your exam un-proctored vs proctored.  See the attached document to see what the requirements are for proctored exams.

7  To register for an exam select register for an assessment.  Once you click on the register for an assessment. This will take you to the exam selection page. 7

8 8 Find the exam you wish to take and select it.

9 9

10 10  Once you completed the below screen, hit submit

11 11

12  For companies paying via purchase order, the purchase order must be generated and sent via email:  The purchase order MUST include the following:  Exam taker’s name  Name of the exam(s) being purchased  Total amount of the purchase order  PO number  Accounts payable contact information for invoicing purposes  Contact name  Email address  Phone and fax numbers 12

13  Once the purchase order request is received, a coupon code will be activated in the exam center  An invoice will be generated and submitted for payment  Be sure to include the Accounts Payable information on the Purchase Order  Payment must be remitted upon receipt  A coupon code will be generated and emailed to the exam taker to be used when accessing the exam 13

14 14

15 15

16  Once the exam has been purchased, return to the home page and go towards the bottom of the page to scheduled assessments to launch your exam. Select Launch 16

17  Once you select “launch the exam” you will see the following: 17

18  You must accept the following agreement to move forward in the exam. If the test taker doesn’t agree to the below, he cannot take the exam. 18

19 19  You have limited time to complete the exam. The time limit for each exam is defined in the work instructions. The user can log in/out and the time is accumulative. After launching exam, test taker will see screens similar to below. Time Remaining # of questions Checkbox to allow test taker to review question again before submitting

20 20 Please note, if you submit the exam, you will get the message shown below. If you have not completed the exam and do not want to submit it, just close the browser. Once you access the exam again, it will pick up where the candidate left off.

21 21 Once you complete the exam, you will get either a pass or fail message.  Minimum passing score is 80% for each exam

22 22  If 80% is not achieved the first time, you must:  Wait 30 days to repurchase and retake the exam  If 80% is not achieved the second time, you must:  Wait 90 days to re-purchase and retake the exam  If 80% is not achieved the third time, you must:  Wait 12 months (365 days) to re-purchase and retake the exam

23  The eQuaLified certificate is provided as verification of successfully passing the eQuaLified exam  You will have the ability to print the eQuaLified certificate on your own if you receive 80% or higher  The eQuaLified certificate will come to the test taker in the completion email from Webassessor. 23

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