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Sustain: The National Food Network Overview and Benefits for Local Governments.

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1 Sustain: The National Food Network Overview and Benefits for Local Governments

2 What is ‘Sustain’? Meta-Network: A network of food networks, articulating & amplifying the many local food networks and coalitions, in Victoria & beyond Mission: To support development of food systems that are strong, connected, healthy & sustainable Independent & Accountable: An incorporated, membership-based, not-for-profit association, with a Board representative of food system stakeholders Collaboration & Partnerships: Working alongside government, business and community stakeholders

3 What is the Food System? Food System Map –

4 Drivers of Food System Change Health: 75% of Australians will be overweight/obese by 2025 Planning: Suburban sprawl is taking over fertile farmland; fast food outlets are multiplying; land-banking by supermarkets is creating food deserts in peri-urban growth areas Environment: The food system generates 40-50% of all GHG emissions; 40% of all food produced is wasted Social Justice & Food Security: 2 mn Australians experience food insecurity; 10 farmers leave the land every day Social Capital/Community: 53% of Australians grow/raise some of their own food; 9% belong to community/school gardens Economic development: Consumer demand supports ‘local food’; re- valuing local producers & businesses generates jobs, supports eco- & agri-tourism, creates value-added to local economies

5 Sustain Objectives To develop and implement a program of community- engaged research, supporting members of the Network to document their food-related policies, strategies & programs; building an extensive evidence and knowledge-base of healthy and sustainable food systems and economies To profile and showcase the food-related work of members, nurturing a dynamic community of learning and practice at regional and national levels

6 Benefits to Members Research collaborations: Supported short-term internships to document implementation of policies and programs Showcasing: Gain recognition as leaders in sustainable, healthy and fair food systems Communities of practice: Access experience and lessons of other members in designing and implementing food system change Strategic advocacy: On matters of fundamental importance to community health & wellbeing, such as density of fast food outlets in residential areas

7 Benefits to Members (cont’d) Benchmarking: Creation of an evidence-based & local expert- driven Local Food System Profile, as a baseline for actions

8 How will Sustain specifically benefit local governments? Implementation of Key Objectives in Council Plans and Municipal Public Health & Wellbeing Plans, in particular: Sustainability: All Council Plans include targets such as reduction of GHG emissions, waste to landfill, & sustainable water management. Knowledge & experience sharing about sustainable food systems will help Councils document progress towards these targets

9 How will Sustain benefit local governments? (cont’d) Liveability & Connectedness: All Council Plans aim to enhance their area as an attractive place to live and work, with a strong sense of place and belonging. Profiling Council programs and achievements around (for example) urban food, agri-tourism and mixed land- use planning will support the achievement of these objectives Economic development & prosperity: All Council Plans foreground job creation and business opportunities. Documenting the emergence and growth of Victoria’s Local Food Economy will help Councils demonstrate the opportunities of local food systems and drive investment to this sector

10 How will Sustain benefit local governments? (cont’d): Health and Wellbeing 2008 PHW Act: Councils must protect, improve & promote public health & wellbeing Focus on prevention and disadvantaged Highlights ‘increasing healthy eating’ as a priority Identifies need to improve food supply & access Research collaborations offered by Sustain will help Councils show they are meeting their targets and responsibilities

11 Specific research outcomes for local governments Structured short-term internship: Sustain staff will work with staff of Network members to facilitate an internship of up to 10 weeks involving one or more tertiary students, to research and document a priority food-related policy, program or project Outputs: A publication-quality report of up to 5000 words, linked to achievement of key Council objectives; a presentation to internal and (if desired) external stakeholders; (if desired) profiling the research and program etc. on the Sustain website; and during an annual conference / symposium

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