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100 200 400 300 400 Random Test Questions! 300 200 400 200 100 500 100.

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3 100 200 400 300 400 Random Test Questions! 300 200 400 200 100 500 100

4 Row 1, Col 1 You are preparing to move a very Large, sedated patient form a Bed to a stretcher. You should? What is get help transferring the patient if they are too heavy for you to safely transfer alone.

5 1,2 You are taking routine VS. When You enter the room of Mrs. Orleans, the patient is talking with Her husband and refuses to allow You to measure her VS. You should? What is finish your rounds and then go back and try again with Mrs. Orleans.

6 1,3 What standard must you follow When working in a health Care setting? What is never use solutions from bottles that are not labeled.

7 1,4 A hospital pharmacist asks a Health occupations student Intern to drive to a local pharmacy and Pick up some medications. The student should? What is respectfully decline and notify his/her instructor immediately.

8 2,1 You are passing out ice water and The curtain is pulled around Mr. Chen’s bed. You should? What is call out to the patient before going behind the privacy curtain.

9 2,2 When you carry a heavy basin of Water from the sink to the bedside, You should? What is carry the basin close to the body.

10 2,3 When working in the supply room, You accidentally cut your finger On a pair of clean scissors. You should? What is report the incident to your instructor immediately.

11 2,4 When moving a heavy piece of Equipment in a room, You should? What is push or pull using the weight of your body.

12 3,1 You should bend from the hips And knees and not the waist When you are: What is picking up a heavy object.

13 3,2 What muscle group would be MOST important when picking up A heavy object? What is quadriceps femoris.

14 3,3 When a fire alarm sounds in a Rest home, if you don’t smell Smoke, why should you close all The doors? What is to prevent drafts that cause the fire to spread more rapidly.

15 3,4 When oxygen is in use, the Health care providers must post “NO SMOKING” signs, and: What is avoid using flammable liquids such as alcohol, nail polish and oils.

16 4,1 When you are using an Extinguisher to put out a fire, You should? What is discharge the extinguisher using a side-to-side motion.

17 4,2 You are in a medical office when You witness a halogen lamp Fall on a shocked finance Manager’s desk, and the papers On the desk burst into flames. What should you do? What is grab a class A extinguisher and use it on the flames.

18 4,3 What type of extinguisher can be Used on all types of fires? What is Class ABC

19 4,4 What does a Class B Extinguisher contain? What is carbon dioxide.

20 5,1 You are at the health department When you see a heat lamp spark And burst into flames. What type Of extinguisher would you grab To put out the flames? What is Class C.

21 5,2 What must be done before you can Use a fire extinguisher? What is release the lock or pin.

22 5,3 What is the major cause of fires? What is carelessness with smoking and matches.

23 5,4 In the case of a fire, the main Rule is to: What is remain calm.

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