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Chapter 5.2 The Two-Party System.

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1 Chapter 5.2 The Two-Party System

2 Reasons for the Two-Party System
History Alexander Hamilton (Federalists) vs. Thomas Jefferson (Anti-Federalists) Tradition There has always been one The electoral system A wasted vote American ideological consensus A general agreement on ideas

3 Multiparty Systems Does it make sense?
Giving voters a real alternative More representative of the people Problems with multiparty systems: Instability of government (no majority control) Frequent party control and shifts Italy: One government every nine months since World War II Argentina: 696 political parties!

4 Multiparty Systems (Cont’d)
Advantages Provides broader representation of the people. More responsive to the will of the people. Give voters more choices at the polls. Disadvantages Cause parties to form coalitions, which can dissolve easily. Frequent party control and shifts. Failure of coalitions can cause instability in government.

5 One-Party Systems A “No-Party” System
The popular choice of dictators and communist regimes

6 One-Party Systems (Cont’d)
Types of One-Party Systems One Party Systems where only one party is allowed. Unofficial One-Party Systems where one party regularly wins most elections Example: Dictatorships such as Stalinist Russia & North Korea Example: Republican North (New England) and Democratic South (Deep South) until the 1950s. 6

7 Party Membership Patterns
Factors that can influence party membership: Family (2 out of 3) Occupation Education Age Economic Status Race / Ethnicity Religion Geography 7

8 Assessment (
1. Which is NOT a reason for the two party system? (a) History (b) Tradition (c) Constitutional Requirement (d) The Electoral System 2. Which is NOT a factor that can influence party membership? (a) Peer Group (b) Age (c) Religion (d) Geography 8

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