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Photo IT- How to capture, save and manipulate digital photographs.

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1 Photo IT- How to capture, save and manipulate digital photographs.

2 What we’ll cover Physical camera Taking photos Common features on digital cameras Transferring photos to computer Basic editing Many different makes and models of camera so we’ll try to make it general so it’s relevant to all

3 Why Digital Photography? Instant photos No more waiting No more hoping your photos turned out okay Re-take if you don’t like the first attempt Available as files on your computer Email them to friends Print them (though it might be easier and better quality at kiosks) Make slide shows, videos, edit them etc.

4 The Digital Camera On/Off switch Lens – focuses on the image Flash – for low light Shutter button – takes the photo Monitor/LCD screen Playback button – allows you to view photos on the screen Selector button – used to select camera functions e.g. flash on/off, different modes

5 The Digital Camera Zoom control – zoom in and out from subject of photo Battery – often rechargeable Memory card – a small removable card that stores the photos taken on the camera USB connector – for connecting to a computer Mount for tripod Microphone – for making videos

6 How to take photos? Make sure you can clearly view your subject on the display on the back of the camera Use the zoom button if you need to You may need to turn on the flash if the lighting is low Many cameras have automatic Focus - Image stabilising Flash - scene recognition

7 Transferring photos to the computer Two main ways 1.Take out memory card and place it in a card reader slot on the computer 2.Use a USB cable to connect your camera to the computer

8 Transferring photos to the computer You also need to use a program on the computer to input/import the photos Need to tell it where on your computer to place photo files, how many to import etc. We’re going to use a free program called Picasa to Import Organise and Edit our photos

9 How to get Picasa? Picasa is a free piece of software, made by Google, that organises and allows you to edit your photos. Simply go to Then click the DOWNLOAD PICASA button After that, just follow the instructions on-screen


11 Transferring photos to the computer Attach your camera to the computer using the USB cable Turn the camera on Start Picasa using the desktop icon When Picasa first starts up it searches your computer for all available photos and organises them by date and folder name for you – Library View

12 Importing photos from your camera Click on the Import button (top left corner) Choose where to import photos from The list of devices may include scanners as well as your cameras Your camera may be named or may show up as a “Removable Drive”

13 Importing photos from your camera The folder your photos will be imported to Give the folder your own name or use the date After copying photos to the computer you can choose to delete some or all photos from the memory card

14 View your photos Select a folder to view the contents Your photos are displayed as thumbnails Double-click on a thumbnail to view the full size photo Your Library of photos

15 View your photos Use the back to Library button to return to the Library of folders and the thumbnail view

16 View your photos as a slideshow 1 Select a folder. Click on the Play Fullscreen Slideshow button A slideshow will appear with these controls at the bottom of the screen Change how long each photo is displayed for Change how each photo blends into the next Play/pause the slideshow Zoom in and out Rotate

17 Editing your photos Double-click on a thumbnail to open a photo A range of editing functions and effects are available Try out one or two edit/effects on your photos

18 Editing your photos Picasa does not save the changes you make to photos until you “Save edited photos to disk” You will be asked to confirm saving the changes you have made

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