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Microbe Unit Review. What do we call the spread of a disease in a small region? epidemic.

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1 Microbe Unit Review

2 What do we call the spread of a disease in a small region? epidemic

3 Which antibiotic would be best to use to treat Influenza? None, flu is caused by a virus

4 What is the best way to minimize the impact of an epidemic? immunization

5 How might a fungal disease, such as Athlete’s Foot, be spread? By direct contact with fungus

6 What aspect or our current society could most likely help an epidemic become a pandemic? We are very mobile, we move from one place to the other freely

7 Genetically altering a plant so that it has greater resistance to disease and insect problems would be an example of what? biotechnology

8 What kind of impact can biotechnology have on the amount of food that can be produced per acre in the world? It would increase

9 If a doctor prescribes an antibiotic to treat an illness, what kind of pathogen is likely the cause the illness? bacteria

10 Name two areas where biotechnology is having the most impact right now? Medicine and agriculture

11 What animal is the vector for Malaria? Anopheles Mosquitoes

12 Strep Throat is caused by what kind of pathogen? bacteria

13 What is the primary difference between and epidemic and a pandemic? Pandemics occur across much larger areas

14 Diseases that can be spread from one organism to another are called what? infectious

15 What would be the main problem associated with being the carrier of a disease? Not knowing you were contagious

16 Would the HIV AIDS outbreak which has lasted over 30 years, across every continent be considered an epidemic or pandemic? pandemic

17 The amount of crops grown in a given field is referred to as what? Yield

18 Why is it so critical to continually be working on new antibiotics? Pathogens are becoming resistant to antibiotics over time

19 Hand sanitizers help prevent the spread of disease by which method? Direct contact

20 Name an ethical consideration associated with the use of GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organism)? Long term environmental and human health effects

21 What will likely happen to the incidence of infection disease in a community as the sanitation level of that community increases? decrease

22 Are viruses living or nonliving? Non-living

23 What kind of pathogen causes the disease cholera? bacteria

24 Why can’t HIV AIDS be successfully treated with antibiotics? It is caused by a virus

25 Why are mosquitoes considered vectors for Malaria? They cannot get the disease and are necessary for its transmission

26 What antibiotic was developed from a fungus and has been used to cure many illnesses that could have led to epidemics? penicillin

27 What must a virus do to reproduce? Be absorbed by a cell

28 How do bacteria reproduce? Binary Fission

29 Downs Syndrome is caused by what? genetics

30 What is the normal course of action when treating bacterial diseases? antibiotics

31 Risk/Benefit analysis, which considers a balance between benefit and risk is an important consideration in what new area of scientific investigation ? biotechnology

32 In a parasitic relationship, the parasite benefits by the association. How is the host affected in a parasitic relationship? Host is negatively affected

33 Introducing foreign DNA into an organism in order to modify the organism’s DNA is an example of what? Genetic engineering

34 What kind of organism is the pathogen that causes the disease Tetanus? bacteria

35 What kind of pathogen spreads cancer? Cancer is non- infectious

36 Rabies and Lyme disease are both spread by contact with animals. What are the animals that are necessary to spread a disease called? vectors

37 What is the best way to prevent microbial infection? Washing hands

38 All organisms which are microscopic in size can be classified as what? microbes

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