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Well-being at work Yu Fu

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1 Well-being at work Yu Fu Email:

2 Learning objectives Define well-being at work Discuss the benefits of investing in well- being policies and practices in the workplace Explore the model of well-being Explain the impact of well-being at work and in daily life Organisational Behaviour 22

3 3 Well-Being Management Taking a holistic approach to employees’ health and well-being to create business performance and happiness in the workplace Organisational Behaviour 2

4 4 Holistic approach To create a positive environment and culture of mutual trust, fairness and respect where: people are supported, valued and recognised as individuals with different needs people are encouraged and enabled to fulfil their potential and engaged in performing to the best of their abilities people are part of a community - proud to work for their institution, see how they are contributing and want to be part of creating a successful future the importance of health is recognised and people are supported to make healthy choices Organisational Behaviour 2

5 5 Holistic perspective Health is only one aspect Overcoming perceptions of a ‘nice to have’, soft, fluffy agenda More than a massage at your desk Important link to performance improvement/business benefits Core activity/underpinning strategy The culture of the institution/holistic employee experience Embedded in everything we do (not a one-time activity) Mutually beneficial agenda (individuals/employers/stakeholders) Organisational Behaviour 2

6 6 Well-Being Management It is about prevention rather than cure It is the combination of feeling good and functioning effectively It includes the experience of negative emotions and managing them successfully Organisational Behaviour 2

7 7 Work and health Possible causal pathways between health, work and well-being Organisational Behaviour 2

8 Why workplace health? Organisational Behaviour 28

9 9 Why workplace health? Healthy workers: Take fewer sick days Are more productive Gave more energy and motivation Are more alert Have greater job satisfaction and greater work life balance Organisational Behaviour 2

10 10 Why workplace health? Organisations that implement employee health and wellbeing programs, gain from: Increased productivity Reduction in staff turnover Reduction in sick leave Reduction in workers compensation claims Organisational Behaviour 2

11 Cost of not investing in workplace health Organisational Behaviour 211

12 12 The benefits Organisational Behaviour 2

13 13 Well-being Interactive Model Organisational Behaviour 2 Physical PsychologicalSocial EconomicEnvironment Wellbeing The physiology of our body systems and risk of disease, especially cancer, heart disease and diabetes Our mental health, emotions behaviours and beliefs Our disposable income and financial health Our interactions with people, co workers family and friends The environment where we live, where we work

14 14 Organisational Behaviour 2 PhysicalWork style Health PsychologicalStress SocialBullying, conflict EnvironmentWorkplace EconomicSalary, Benefits Lifestyle Health Depression/anxiety Family issues Housing problems Disposable income Wellbeing & Occupational Health WORK ON HEALTH HEALTH ON WORK

15 Organisational Behaviour 215 Work on Health Physical “Work-style” illnesses Sedentary work Unhealthy diet Sleep problems Upper limb disorder backpain Poor ergonomics Dangerous chemicals Noise Work accidents Work Environment Health on Work Physical “Lifestyle” illness Metabolic Syndrome Diabetes Heart disease Cancer Smoking Alcohol /Drugs Chronic conditions Migraine Irritable Bowel Syndrome Osteoporosis Asthma

16 Organisational Behaviour 216 Work on Health Psychological Pressure/stress Trauma : Physical/verbal assault Horrific events PTSD Bullying Health on Work Psychological Pressure/stress Depression/Anxiety Fatigue Low self esteem

17 Managing psychological well-being at work Organisational Behaviour 217 Performance Pressure Stressed Out Switched Off Feel Good Zone Peak Performance

18 Organisational Behaviour 218 Work on Health Social Harassment/bullying Shift-work Working relationships Health on Work Social Childcare issues Eldercare issues Domestic relationships

19 Organisational Behaviour 219 Work on Health Environmental Place of work Economic Pay and Benefits Reward and Recognition Health on Work Environmental Living/local environment Economic Disposable income Gambling Credit card Debt First time buyers Interest rates

20 Promoting Well-being A work/life balance policy Publicising healthy living advice Extra investment in sports and social club, and Giving greater priority to career development to make people happy and healthy in their workplace and establish a culture of good attendance Organisational Behaviour 220

21 21 The Work & Wellbeing Hallmark Recognising the contribution of the business world to making life a positive and rewarding experience for employees Providing a framework for a pragmatic approach to the health and well-being of staff Providing businesses with the tools to encourage and promote healthier workplaces Organisational Behaviour 2

22 22 Evidence from the 2008 Mental Capital and Wellbeing Project summarised into 5 key messages 5 ways to well-being

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