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Benefits from the HYPERIONIZER, proven through test and operation, are numerous. Because of the ionization process of the fuel, a more complete burn is obtained. More horsepower and vehicle movement are available from each piston. Because ionization actually elevates the octane rating of the fuel air mixture in the cylinder, lower octane fuels maybe used. The IMPROVEMENT in PERFORMANCE results in more engine efficiency. The combination of improved performance and lower octane fuel requirements will result in substantial DOLLAR SAVINGS IN FUEL alone. The more complete burning of hydrocarbons and the continuous cleaning process add to engine, spark plug and tailpipe life. This cleaner burn and cleaner engine also result in a lower discharge of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxides, thus, CONTRIBUTING TO A CLEANER ENVIRONMENTAL ATMOSPHERE so important to our large cities today.

2 The “HYPER IONIZER” is a professionally designed device
The “HYPER IONIZER” is a professionally designed device. It works equally well in all types of cars: conventional coil and condenser electrical systems, electronic ignition systems, and computer generated ignition systems. Today, it is being marketed worldwide with outstanding results, particularly in countries where only a low octane fuel or bad quality diesel is available. The car users find the IONIZER attractive because of the savings in fuel and general operating costs and simply because it makes the vehicle operate much more smoothly.

3 Our main applications are: Energy production plants
Company history Since 1993 the company, which now operates globally, has focused its activities on the development of plasma physic and especially so called Hyperionisation processes. With technology centers in Germany, the Unites States and now in Malaysia as well as sales offices and agencies around the globe we have a local presence wherever our expert knowledge and our experience in the field of tailored fluid media treatment (ionisation) solutions are needed. Our main applications are: car industry Energy production plants Aerospace

4 Our experiences Due to its great range of potential uses hyper- ionization’s plasma technology is numbered among the key technologies in materials like fuel and other fluid media (watter) structure treatment. With it enduringly innovative solutions are created even today in practically all industrial fields of application. The use of our unique plasma technology results in very high levels of know-how in the most varied products and product functionalities, while always guaranteeing a reliable and environmentally friendly sequence of operations in the various production processes.

5 and installation principle
THE iONIZATOR The main construction and installation principle This device is a high volume fuel flow, production machine and consist of Titanium body and high developed inside „life“ This high end machine is for use at the power plants and high volume steam or vapor production by evaporating of water.

Diesel or alternative fuel can be mix with water up to 10% (optimally) and maximal up to 57% and after ionized forwarded to combustion chamber here is a small one for the vehicles up to 100 PS engine power and this one for engines volumes over 3000 cc.

The ionisator can work for direct input of the fuel in to the burning chamber or to generate a reserved volume of the fuel, the fuel can be : the pure diesel, low quality diesel, diesel - water mix or an alternative fuel like bio-diesel or vegetable (palm) oil.

8 Burning of 17% Water-Diesel mix industry standard diesel

9 our team of Earth' friends!
Thanks for your time we hope you will join our team of Earth' friends!


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