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Menstrual Cycle 39. The cycle begins when an ______ starts to mature in one of the ______________. Egg Ovaries When one cycle ends, the next one begins:

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1 Menstrual Cycle 39. The cycle begins when an ______ starts to mature in one of the ______________. Egg Ovaries When one cycle ends, the next one begins: As the menstrual flow exits the body, another egg is beginning to mature in the ovary & the Endometrium is thickening.

2 Menstrual Cycle

3 Progesterone is responsible for this!!!
Menstrual Cycle 40. Menstrual Cycle- The process during which an egg matures & is released (Ovulation) & the Uterus prepares to receive it (Endometrium Thickens). Progesterone is responsible for this!!! Maintaining growth of the endometrium for implantation of a fertilized egg


5 41. If the egg is not fertilized, the lining (Endometrium) breaks down and is discharged. This discharge of dead tissue, blood, mucus, & unfertilized egg is called__________. Menstruation, Menstrual Flow, or Menstrual Period. 42. Menarche is the first menstrual period, this usually occurs between the ages of 10 and 16. (beginning of Fertile years)

6 Ovulation / Fertilization
43. Ovulation usually occurs around day # 14 ( the middle of the cycle). At this time, the woman is most Fertile = able to reproduce / become pregnant. 44. Site of Fertilization = Fallopian Tube. The trip inside the Fallopian Tube takes about 7 days. As the Fertilized egg arrives at the Uterus, the Endometrium is at it’s thickest point. ( to prepare for Implantation) rich in blood & nutrients to nourish the baby.

7 Pregnancy or the Menstrual Period
If Fertilization occurs the egg will implant in the thick Endometrium & grow into a baby. 45. If the egg is not Fertilized, the Endometrium will break down & exit through the vagina. Which is called Menstruation, Menstrual Flow, or Menstrual Period. At the same time, a new egg is beginning to mature in the ovary & a new Endometrium begins to thicken.


9 46. The cycle takes about 28 days
46. The cycle takes about 28 days. The Menstrual flow occurs during the first 3-7 days of the cycle. 47. About 2 ounces of fluid / tissue is lost. 48. An average menstrual cycle usually lasts about 28 days. The Menstrual cycle is normal & healthy. A woman will have Menstrual cycles from Menarche to Menopause = her Reproductive years. Except during Pregnancy.

10 Menopause 49. The ovaries slow down hormone production and stop releasing an egg. This takes place around the ages of____________ This is called Menopause. At this time in a woman’s life; Menstruation ceases, Ovulation stops, & the woman is no longer Fertile = able to reproduce.

11 50. Factors affecting Menstruation are:
Diet Stress Illness Travel Exercise Weight Gain/loss

12 To absorb the menstrual flow some women use;
Sanitary pads (napkins) – pads of soft, absorbent material worn inside of underpants. Tampons – firm plugs of material that fit inside the vagina, where they expand & absorb the menstrual flow.

13 Every women’s Menstrual Cycle is different;
Age at which menstruation begins Length of the menstrual cycle (# of days) It is common for the menstrual cycle to be irregular at times, especially the first years. Some women experience Cramps Some women experience Back Pain

14 Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
51. This disorder occurs before the menstrual period – Premenstrual Syndrome. 52. Symptoms of PMS Nervous tension Mood swings Headaches Bloating Irritability May be caused by dramatic change in hormone levels Approximately 85% of women who menstruate report changes in the days or weeks before menstruation that effect their normal lives. This is known as Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

15 Endometriosis 53. A disorder in which tissue from the inner lining of the uterus (Endometrium) grows outside the uterus, in the pelvic cavity. Causes pain in pelvic areas (can be very painful), especially during menstruation. Can lead to infertility / sterility. Can be corrected with hormones or surgical removal of unwanted tissue.


17 Endometriosis affects more than 5 million American women, including teenage girls.
It's not always diagnosed right away in teens because at first they or their doctors assume that their painful periods are a normal part of menstruating. But continuing, excessive pain that limits activity isn't normal and should always be taken seriously. Because severe endometriosis can make it complicated for a girl to have children in the future, it's a good idea to get medical help for endometriosis and not wait too long.

18 Sterility 54. Sterility - when a person is unable to reproduce.
Sterility can develop for a number of reasons; Blocking of the fallopian tube. Failure of ovaries to release eggs. Endometriosis

19 Toxic Shock Syndrome 55. TSS – Toxic Shock Syndrome Caused by bacterial infection 56. Usually found in menstruating women using tampons. Important to change tampons frequently to avoid infection. Symptoms; sudden high fever, a rash, vomiting, diarrhea, & dizziness. Treatment; Go to Doctor or Emergency room immediately!

20 Ovarian Cancer 57. Ovarian Cancer = Cancer of ovaries
Fatal if not detected early Usually occurs after Menopause 58. Early detection & treatment are crucial in combating any cancer.

21 Uterine Cancer 59. Uterine Cancer = Cancer of uterus - Most common is cancer of the cervix. Strikes females as young as 20. Pap Test - a sample of cells from the cervix are examined for cancer. At age 20, all females should have a Pap Test once a year!

22 Breast Cancer 60. Breast cancer is the second leading cancer in women. The first is Lung cancer. 61. Monthly Breast Self-Exams = Early Detection Lumps or Thickness in the Breast = Let Doctor check it. Mammogram = X-Ray of breast.

23 Keeping Reproductive System Healthy
62. Change sanitary pads /tampons every few hours. Female hygiene sprays, deodorants, douches, & deodorant tampons are not necessary. They may be harmful because they may cover up signs of infection. 63. Once a girl reaches Puberty it is recommended to have a yearly checkup of the reproductive system.

24 Gynecologist 68. Gynecologist – a doctor that specializes in the Female Reproductive System.

25 Video Clip Menstrual Cycle

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