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Exporting Reports from DTMS into Outlook

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1 Exporting Reports from DTMS into Outlook
Original by Steve Karna State DTMS Administrator MN ARNG , DSN Modified by Bill Harrison DTMS Training Analyst

2 Your first step is to run a report for the
events that you want to bring into your Outlook calendar. In this example I am running the Major Training report.

3 Select the data you want, as a minimum select: Event Name, Start Date, End Date, and Location.
Then click on “Select Fields”

4 On the second page of the report request you can query the data, or leave blank.

5 In your options area select “HTML” as your filetype.
Remember when you get ready to export this data you have to keep the Ctrl key held down until the save window opens.

6 Copy/paste data into Excel

7 Save as type: Excel 97-2003 Workbook
then Save as type: (CSV comma delimited)

8 Now we need to go to our Outlook Calendar area.
OK, if you do not want this data to overwhelm your personal calendar I recommend you make a new calendar. Go to file, New, Calendar and you should get this box Give your new calendar a name and click on OK

9 You should see your new calendar in your margin

10 Now while you are still in Outlook Calendars click on File, Import and Export and the window below should open up. Leave the default of “Import from another program or file” and click next.

11 Highlight “Comma Separated Values (Windows) and click next
You now have to browse to where you saved that CSV file by clicking on the Browse button

12 Browse to the folder and select the file and click on OK

13 After your first import into this calendar do not forget to select “Do not import duplicate Items” radio button for future imports before clicking on next.

14 Select the calendar you want to import the data to and click on next

15 Ensure the block to the left of the file is checked and then click on Map custom fields
You now have the option to direct the data to the fields as you want. Follow the directions in the window to complete. When ready click on OK.

16 Click on finish to import the data

17 Check the block to view your calendar you just imported the data to and you should see your events in the Outlook calendar you created.

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