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The Cold War UNIT 5 LESSON 2.

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1 The Cold War UNIT 5 LESSON 2

2 Vocabulary Cold War Yalta Potsdam NATO Berlin Airlift Communism
Marshall Plan Korean War Cuban Missile Crisis Bay of Pigs Vietnam Space Race

3 Origins of the Cold War US, USSR, Great Britain unnatural allies during World War II US, Britain disagree with USSR’s policies & treatment of citizens USSR sees the west as decadent and natural ideological enemies Yalta and Potsdam Conferences (1945) Big 3 Decided on USSR declaration of war vs. Japan, setting up of International Military Tribunal Free elections for Eastern Europe

4 Allies Meet in Berlin, 1945 USSR, US, and Britain agree on peace treaties

5 Problems between allies
USSR Doesn’t want to leave Eastern Europe US, Britain want Eastern Europe to be free and democratic

6 Stalin Breaks Promises
Stalin arranges pro-communist governments in Eastern European countries 1946: “Iron Curtain” descends

7 What do they want? Allies- A unified, allied Germany
Free, democratic elections in Europe To stop communism from spreading USSR (Russia)- A weak, divided Germany A “buffer” of friendly countries to protect its border To spread communism to neighbors

8 What is a cold War? Cold – no actual shots fired Hot war- active military engagement How long did it go on? From about 1945 to 1991

9 Atomic Bomb U.S. Drops the Atomic Bomb on Japan
Yalta Conference 1945 Stalin, Churchill, And FDR – Needed to figure what was going to be done with Europe after the war Agreed on free elections in Poland With the election in Poland it looked like it was going to be anti USSR so Stalin refused to allow free elections

10 Roosevelt comes home from Yalta
With the promise of Free elections in Eastern Europe – Stalin actually had no intention of giving up these areas Potsdam- Truman tells Stalin the U.S. has the Bomb. Stalin does not commit to free elections in Eastern Europe Churchill’s “Iron Curtain” Speech – Tells about the spread of Communism – Divided Eastern and Western Europe

11 After WWII USSR – still has most factories and large Army
USA - had the atomic bomb with their cities and farms are still intact

12 The Truman Doctrine (1947) World divided into free and enslaved states
US to support all movements for democracy “containment” of Communism NATO and the Warsaw Pact established Militarization of Cold War

13 The Truman Doctrine Gives money to Greece and Turkey to fight off communism – gives $400,000,000 Containment – George Kennan – to stop the spread of Communism Marshall Plan: Economic recovery program in Western Europe – $13 billion in aid Molotov plan: the soviets economic recovery program in Eastern Europe

14 The Marshall Plan Proposed in 1947, $13 billion to reconstruct western Europe The United Nations formed (1945) to resolve international disputes

15 Division of Germany Germany was divided into four separate zones after the end of WWII. Each zone would be occupied and governed by the military forces of the U.S., Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union. Germany was also forced to pay over $20 billion in reparations.

16 Soviet Blockade in Berlin
Soviets occupied Eastern Germany France, U.S. G.B. Controlled the west Germany Berlin is also divide up into 4 sections USSR blockades West Berlin The west starts to fly in supplies into Berlin

17 End of the Berlin Airlift
U.S. Showed the world how far they were willing to go to protect democracy and contain communism

18 Question 4 Why did Stalin create a blockade of west Berlin?
What would of happened if the U.S.S.R shot down an allied plane?

19 China Nationalists of Jiang Jeist – supported by the U.S.
Jiang Jeist Nationalists Vs. Communist Civil war 1949China becomes communist Mao Tse-Tung – leader China is the world’s largest population

20 Great Leap Forward Communes
5 year plan to increase agriculture and industry Communes Groups of people who live and work together Property held in common Had production quotas Failed due to poor quality of products, poor weather hurt agriculture Failed due to poor quality of products, poor weather hurt agriculture

21 NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
An Attack on G.B. France, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Greece and Turkey, would be considered attack on the U.S.

22 USSR gets the bomb September 1949 USSR exploded their first atomic bomb In response the U.S. builds the Hydrogen bomb – USSR 1yr later test one of their own Mutually assured destruction (MAD)


24 Korea After WWII Korea became divided into two different sections
N. Korea became a soviet Satellite South Korea became an American and United Nations sponsored nation N. Korea attack’s S. Korea to force a unification on Communist’s terms U.S. Police action

25 Police Action General MacArthur 38th Parallel
Drives the N. Korea’s back to China China joins the war Truman fires MacArthur – MacArthur – wanted to attack China. Truman did not. MacArthur openly disagreed with the President

26 The Forgotten War General Eisenhower won the Presidency in 1952 “ Promise to end the war” Eisenhower threatened Nuclear Attack Ends in a stalemate in July of 1953 1.4 million N. Korean and Chinese soldiers were killed 2 million civilians 54,000 American soldiers

27 Warsaw Pact The Soviet Union and 7 eastern European nations signed the Warsaw Pact, which served a communist military counter to NATO Members are not free to leave Falling Domino Principle

28 President Eisenhower takes over
Instead of building up a conventional military he focuses on building nuclear weapons and planes, missiles and submarines that can carry them. Massive Retaliation: John Foster Dulles, Brinkmanship: Joseph Stalin dies – Nikita Khrushchev July 1955 Eisenhower and Khrushchev meet at Geneva “peaceful co-existence”

29 The Cold War Goes Global
Poland workers riot against USSR and gained greater control of the government. Hungary- wanted to have pro Soviet Hungarian officials removed. - Khrushchev responded brutality and killed the protesters. And restored the hard line communist government U.S. sat and watched as this happened

30 Space Race Sputnik- first satellite to orbit the earth
U.S. creates NASA Both countries spend money on education and military defense

31 CUBA ..\..\..\Desktop\2.1PUSH11-7H.jpg

32 Cuba Fulgencio Batista Fidel Castro Cuba turn Communist Bay of Pigs
Cuban Missile Crisis

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