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TOOL BOX TALKS Infection Control.

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1 TOOL BOX TALKS Infection Control

2 Universal/Standard Precautions
Protect against the transmission of infectious diseases Basic assumption ANY BODY FLUID IS POTENTIALLY INFECTIOUS

3 Universal Precautions
Wash hands frequently and thoroughly Wear gloves when handling body fluids Wear other PPE if splattering of body fluids likely Clean surfaces which have been in contact with body fluids thoroughly Dispose of waste material appropriately Take care when handling syringes or any sharp object potentially contaminated with body fluids

4 Wash Hands Before and after contact with client
Before and after eating After using toilet Before and after using gloves After contact with used equipment Immediately following contact with body fluids or equipment, materials (including linen) or contaminated surfaces

5 Wear Gloves When handling blood and/or body fluids
Touching mucous membranes Touching non-intact skin Handling contaminated skin Cleaning body substances spills Remember to always Cover abrasions with waterproof bandaid prior to putting on gloves Change gloves if torn or contaminated

6 Wear Other PPE Protective eyewear and faceshield if splattering of body fluid possible Impermeable gown or apron to protect clothes from contamination Enclosed footwear Face mask fitted correctly

7 Donning and Doffing order
Clean hands – remove jewellery and cover cuts or abrasions, lather for 20 seconds cleaning front and back of hands and between fingers  Put on surgical or P2 mask – secure fit over nose and mouth and fasten ties or tapes above and below ears  Put on goggles  Put on gown – long sleeved – tied at the back  Put on gloves – tuck end of gown into gloves if worn Remove gloves by turning inside out and dispose immediately into bin and clean hands Remove gown ensuring that you do not touch exposed surfaces and dispose immediately into bin and clean hands Remove goggles by holding strap only and clean in warm water and detergent if reusable and clean hands Take off mask by holding ties and dispose immediately into bin Clean hands with soap and water or alcohol rub

8 Needlestick or Sharps Minimise handling
Do not bend or recap needles or remove needle from syringe and place in sharps container Ensure sharps container avaialble at point of use Wear gloves and hold syringe by barrel and place sharp end into container first

9 Cleaning Procedures Small spill – wipe clean with paper towel and then clean with detergent and warm water Quarantine areas with soft furnishings until dry Large spill – mop up with paper towel or use ‘kitty litter’ or granular chlorine, pick up larger amounts with cardboard, mop with detergent and warm water Dispose of all contaminated waste in secure plastic bag in waste receptacle

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