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Cultural Diffusion.

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1 Cultural Diffusion

2 Spatial Exchange Processes of spatial exchange (diffusion), have influenced events in the past and continue to shape the present Diffusion - how something diffuses or spreads Can be applied to many things: ideas, technology, products, diseases, religions

3 Cultural Diffusion The spread of ideas, goods, technologies, and cultural traits from one society to another Is a major cause of change within societies

4 Cultural Diffusion Examples:
Spread of technologies like cell phones and the internet Religion Christianity & Islam started in neighboring areas and now have spread throughout the globe to become the world’s 1st and 2nd largest religions Food Fashion American pop culture

5 Columbian Exchange

6 Columbian Exchange refers to the widespread exchange of plants, animals, ideas, diseases and cultural characteristics between Europe and the Americas following Columbus’ voyage in 1492 often referred to as exchange between Old World and New World Eastern Hemisphere and Western Hemisphere


8 Cultural Convergence Cultural diffusion today is leading to cultural convergence on a global scale, creating a common culture. “to converge” - to come together and join Examples “Latin American” culture democratic ideas English as the international language of business technologies such as cell phones, tvs, and internet global sports


10 Cultural Divergence Cultural diffusion can also lead to cultural divergence - or separating of cultures “to diverge” - to separate Examples: Roman Empire Aryan India

11 Historical Change

12 Historical Change Many of the changes that the world and its people have gone through during its history have been caused or aided by geography. Some reasons are: changes in physical and human geography cultural diffusion trade conflict - internal & international changes in transportation and energy technological developments

13 Bering Land Bridge

14 Genocide the mass killing of an ethnic group, often with the intention of extermination Examples: Holocaust Hutus vs. Tutsis in Rwanda Khmer Rouge What about us? Native Americans, Japanese

15 Terrorism the use of violence and intimidation driven by a political goal Examples: 9/11 attacks 1972 Olympics in Munich 1995 Oklahoma City bombing cartel terrorism

16 Technological Innovation
Technology - the use of materials, tools, and skills to meet human needs

17 Technological Innovation
Refers to the development of new technologies Information Technologies GIS (Geographic Information Systems) - merges mapmaking and database technologies GPS (Global Positioning System) Air Conditioning Travel Medicines

18 Desalinization Process of heating and cooling salt water in order to separate the salt and make fresh water. used to provide otherwise arid areas with fresh water for human consumption and irrigation, examples: Israel - desert area next to Mediterranean Sea, 40% of its water is desalinated El Paso, TX - one of the world’s largest desalinization plants

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