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End-of-Grade Reading & Mathematics Grades 3–8 Science Grades 5 & 8 2015.

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1 End-of-Grade Reading & Mathematics Grades 3–8 Science Grades 5 & 8 2015

2 Agenda EOGs Math I EOC NCFEs

3 In your packet…. EOG Guide; NCFE Guide EOC Guide Sample EOG parent letter (notifying parents of upcoming EOG tests - white) Read aloud rules for Math (white stapled) Revised reason code list for 2014-2015 School year (beige) Review of Accommodations Form (blue) Review of Accommodations Extend 1 Form (green) Testing Code of Ethics (yellow stapled) Test Plan Template (pink) Proctor Statement of Accountability (white) Gridded Response Practice Activity for Grades 6-8 (off-white booklet) Sample Grid for marks-in-book students (white) Copy of the Testing and Accountability Monitoring Tool (white stapled) Review of Accommodations Attestation Form (gray)

4 Grades 3-8 School Testing Schedule

5 Materials Pickup and Return Schedule EOG May 20 Testing Plans due (Share in Google Docs) May 20 Testing Plans due (EOG, NC FINAL, EOC) (Share in Google Docs) May 26 (YRE June 2 – AM) Pick up EOG Test Booklets (Sign up on Google Docs) May 22 Pick up EOG/NCFE/EOC Test Booklets (Sign up on Google Docs) May 29 (YRE June 5) Science scanningMay 29 Science EOG Scanning and possible NCFE June 2 (YRE June 9) Scan Grade 3 ELA onlyJune 2Scan ELA and math June 3 (YRE June 10) Scan Grades 3-5 Pick up RTA Tests June 3-5Scan NCFE June 4 (YRE June 11) Scan RTAJune 4Scan EOC Math I June 5 (YRE June 12) Pick up Grade 3 ELA Retest June 16 Return Test Materials (Sign up on Google Docs) (Testlets, gridded response activity, scrap paper, graph paper, gridded response for MIB & all manuals) June 8 (YRE June 15) Scan Grade 3 ElA Retest June 15 (YRE June 22) Return Test Materials (Sign up on Google Docs) (Testlets, RTA Box, gridded response activity, scrap paper, graph paper gridded response for MIB & all manuals) ElementaryMiddle

6 Test Administrators (Local requirement) Test administrators must by certified staff. –Teachers –Social workers –Counselors –Retired teachers –Teacher assistants who are certified teachers

7 Eligibility EOGs p. 1 Eligible Students – General EOG All students in membership at grades 3-8 (according to PS), including students who have been retained at grades 3-8, are expected to participate with or without accommodations in the standard administration of the end-of-grade assessments in English Language Arts/Reading and Mathematics. All students in membership at grades 5 and 8 (according to PS), including students who have been retained at grades 5 and 8, are expected to participate with or without accommodations in the standard administration of the end-of-grade assessment in Science.

8 EOG Eligible Students- Exceptions p. 1 Exceptions include : o Students participating in the NCEXTEND1 o LEP students scoring below Level 4.0 Expanding on the W-APT are not required to participate in the English Language Arts/Reading assessment and are in their first year in US schools. These students are required to participate in Mathematics and Science assessments. o Direct LEP Teacher to print a report from ELLevations (LEP database) o Students deemed medically fragile because of a significant medical emergency and/or condition

9 Testing Window: pp. 2-3 For year-long courses, EOGs must be administered the last 10 school days.

10 Makeup Testing: p. 2 Students who are absent during the entire testing window may make up the test within ten days from the original test date.

11 Testing Schedule pp.2-3 EOG tests should be administered as early in the school day as the school schedule permits. All students at the same grade level within a school must be administered the appropriate EOG at the same time on the same day. Students who are provided the Scheduled Extended Time accommodation may not begin the test administration sooner than the school’s schedule for the regular test administration. Multiple Testing Sessions must begin on the same day as the general test administration but may continue beyond the school’s schedule for the regular test administration if the IEP or Section 504 Plan designates the sessions are to stretch across multiple days. Testing grade levels in two subjects (e.g., Mathematics and Science) on the same day is prohibited in our school system. Students at different grade levels cannot be administered tests in the same classroom.

12 Administration Time pages 3-5 SubjectEst. TimeMax Time # Items ELA 3-5180 min24052 6-8180 min24056 Math 3-5180 min24054 6-8180 min24060 Science Grades 5 and 8 18024075 After est. time, give students a 3-minute break every 60 minutes. Maximum time does not include time for breaks or general instructions.

13 Maximum Testing Time Allowed pp. 4-5 Students who complete the test during the scheduled time must NOT be allowed to remain in the room with students who require the maximum time. –Move the students who have completed the test, OR –Move the students who need additional time. Students in different grade levels/subjects may be combined for ‘maximum time” In rare cases in which students must leave testing area for lunch –Test administrator (TA) must notify students 5 minutes in advance. –TA must paper clip test booklet so students cannot go back after the break.

14 Types of Assessment Items p. 5 The English Language Arts/Reading and Science assessments include all multiple-choice items. The Mathematics assessments include multiple- choice and gridded-response items. –Mathematics gridded-response items are found at grades 5 – 8. –Gridded response are on the calculator inactive part of the test. All assessments contain field items that do not count toward or against a student’s score.

15 Before Test Day pp. 6-9 Prepare for training. Distribute Assessment Guide (AG) PRIOR to training. –Test administrators must read thoroughly before attending school-based training. –Test administrators must sign for manuals and assessments. Read and Study the Testing Code of Ethics (Appendix E). Follow Security Procedures. –No part of test or AG may be reproduced. –Remove classroom study guides and displays (Even in extended time rooms) –Plan to visually inspect rooms prior to testing –Test administrators who provide read-aloud accommodations must NOT divulge contents of test. Properly manage materials to maintain security.

16 Roving Proctors p. 10 Roving proctors are NOT permitted in NHCS for EOG testing.

17 Before Test Day pp. 12-14 Prepare Testing Environment. –Cover bulletin boards and instructional displays. –A Testing: Do Not Disturb sign must be displayed. Prepare students for testing. –Gridded response for math (Grades 5-8) NEW: REQUIRED Practice Activity must be administered no sooner than one week before assessment. Students MUST write name on front of booklet. Test Coordinator will store completed activities and turn in at end of year. Extra copies are available at –Released test forms forms Prohibited items –Electronic devices –Cell 13 –Textbooks (HOWEVER, students are allowed to bring novel or other nontextbook to read after testing is complete, but test administrator MUST collect all materials first.)

18 Before Test Day pp. 14-16 Monitor students during the assessment. Do not indicate answers to students. –Asking students to look at question again –Making facial expressions –Pointing to correct answers Misadministrations Misalignment during testing (pages 14-15) –In the least disruptive manner TA should notify the student that the responses are misaligned and may redirect. –In rare cases, it may be appropriate for the TA to direct student to begin circling the correct answers in the test booklet and correct the rest of the assessment after testing in a secure group setting (3 or more people) –In some cases it may be appropriate to end the testing session and report an irregularity.

19 Before Test Day pp. 17-18 Student emergencies and restroom breaks –One student at a time – Hall monitors –TA and proctor must remain in room. –Secure test materials. –Note the time. Accommodations –LEP –EC/504 Must be documented in PLAN Must be routinely used Test administrators MUST be trained on testing accommodations prior to testing session. –Transitory Impairment (copy sent to Testing Office and accommodations entered into Powerschool)

20 Before Test Day pp. 19-21 Complete the Review of Accommodations forms for LEP/IEP/504 Plans. –EC Accommodations: Goalview State Testing Accommodations report –LEP Accommodations: Ellevations State Testing Accommodations report Report testing violations. –Eligibility Issues; Accommodations Issues; Security Issues (Multiple test session plans) ; Monitoring Issues; Procedural Issues Answer sheets will be precoded –Students are not allowed to code their names, student ID, etc.

21 Procedures for Students Completing Assessment Before Scheduled Time is Over p. 21 Verify that student has completed the test. Collect all student materials. –Student may read a novel or other NON-textbook. Students may put their heads down on their desks. If ALL students have completed the assessment before the end of the scheduled time, the test administrator may end the testing session early. –Read the words in the section, Read to Announce the End of the Testing Session. –Do not dismiss until instructed to do so by test coordinator or principal.

22 Paper Clip Student Test Booklets p.22 Test administrator must paper clip the student’s test booklet before the student begins the calculator active section on the mathematics assessment. –All scrap paper and graph paper must be collected. –Distribute new graph paper and scrap paper along with calculator. Test administrator must paper clip for lunch breaks for students who have multiple test sessions and for students who have multiple test sessions over multiple days.

23 In Summary: Checklist to Complete Before Test Day p. 23 Attend training Read Testing Code of Ethics Study security procedures Prepare testing room Inform students of items that are prohibited Review what you can and cannot do to assist students Know procedures for misalignment, emergencies, restroom breaks, irregularities, paper clipping testlets.

24 Test Materials p. 24-26 EOG: Reading, Math, and Science Assessment Guide test books answer sheets general purpose header sheets bags for repackaging No. 2 pencils blank paper accurate timing device Testing: Do Not Disturb sign NCDPI graph paper (math only) calculators (math only) Paper clips a supply of the NCDPI periodic tables (grade 8 science only) Secure gridded response samples for MIB Optional: highlighters and color acetate overlays

25 REMINDER: Calculators for Math p. 25 and APPENDIX D Students should use the calculator with which they are most familiar. Grades 3–5: Four-function calculator with memory key Grades 6–8: Any four-function calculator with a square root function, y x and  (pi) and algebraic logic

26 Follow a Uniform Process for Test Administration pp. 26-28 26 Testing: Do Not Disturb sign Quiet, well-lighted room Instructional materials removed (including extra time rooms) Clear desks. Test administrator must be present at all times. Read directions as written (may repeat). No cell phones Monitor accommodations. Students may read a novel/non-text when complete, but materials must be collected first.

27 Student Directions for Test Administration p. 28

28 OTISS – System for Reporting Test Irregularities Account set up (NC ID) –Approval procedure –Training/manual TC responsibilities –TC submits irregularity –Submit student (s) name, ID number and test form.

29 After Testing pp. 62-64 Verify all materials are collected. Clear calculator memory. Test administrator should record students used accommodations on the Review of Accommodations form. Return all testing materials. Code student answer sheets

30 Code Answer Sheets pp. 62-64 (In a secure setting of three or more designated school personnel) The Test Administrator or Principal’s Designee must complete after tests are complete, if applicable. Question 1 - Code for 504 Plan or Transitory Impairment. Question 2 - Mark all provided accommodations. Special approved accommodations through the Notice of Accommodations process should be coded. (NCDPI-Approved bubble) Question 2 – Science (Grades 5 and 8) Complete for any accommodation provided (504/IEP/LEP/Transitory) Plan Absent from makeup

31 Code Answer Sheets pp. 66-70 Information RequestedColumns Students not participating in standard EOGA Transfer StudentsB Grade 3 Only: Good Cause ExemptionsC Grade 3 Only: Code if student satisfied RTA requirements by scoring proficient on the BOG 3. D Harvard Reads Grade 3 onlyE Used non-permitted accommodationsH MisadministrationI Local UseJ-L No PREDICTED score or PREDICTED achievement level this year!!!

32 Header Sheet pp.71-73 Code and return as a cover sheet for each class. Complete sections 1-7, 9 Answer Key Codes EOG R & M Science

33 After Testing pp. 73-74 Review test materials (answer sheets) –Must be done in a secure setting (3 or more people) –Transcriptions One individual transcribes the student’s responses. One individual verifies the transcription. One individual observes the process. All 3 sign the outside cover of the test book. Separate the Marks in Book books when you return them to the Testing Department. Return all materials to Testing Department –Graph paper, scrap paper, testlets assessment guides File Review of Accommodations forms with student PLANS.

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