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Economic Growth in Southern and Eastern Asia

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1 Economic Growth in Southern and Eastern Asia
SS7E10: The student will describe factors that influence economic growth and examine their presence or absence in India, China, and Japan

2 Quick Quiz: Factors that influence economic growth
Raw materials that come from the land Factories, technology, machinery People who perform labor Taking a risk to start a business Human Capital Natural Resources Capital Entrepreneurship

3 Investments Pay Off Investments in Human Capital and Capital lead to a higher GDP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 India’s Human Capital Number of schools has grown in the past 20 years
Overall literacy rate is 60%, but 95% for children years old English is taught in all schools Many are skilled in information technology – “outsourcing” has become a major practice in India

5 India’s Capital Investment
Neglected to invest in country’s infrastructure Terrible road construction Frequent power outages Airports, railways, and power plants have suffered

6 India’s Natural Resources
Has very fertile land Good water supply Important crops – rice and wheat Forests Coal Reserves

7 India’s Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurship is increasing!! India’s government supports new business owners Government provides training and facilities

8 China’s Human Capital Has improved educational system
Number of college students has grown Many students are getting engineering degrees (More engineering degrees) Studies show engineering degrees = a growing economy China has also invested in technical schools to train workers

9 China’s Capital Money has been used to help with manufacturing
Manufacturing is half of China’s GDP Country also has dependable water services, electricity, and transportation

10 China’s Natural Resources
Coal Iron Ore Petroleum Natural Gas Land for industry Rivers for industry Not much farmland

11 China’s Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship has grown dramatically Private business is the fastest growing segment of the economy Government helps fund small business Welcomes investment from foreign countries

12 Japan’s Human Capital Has a high emphasis on education
Students take entrance exams to get into high schools and universities Labor force is very highly educated and a major reason for economic success

13 Japan’s Capital Country has a history of investing in new technology
Tax breaks are given to individuals and corporations who have had high rates of savings Savings have been used for new factories and machinery

14 Japan’s Natural Resources
Very little farmland and natural resources Imports raw materials needed for industry Fishing industry is large in Japan Country uses its educated workforce and capital investment to overcome it lack of natural resources

15 Japan’s Entrepreneurship
Low rate of entrepreneurship Japanese companies offer a “job for life” to its employees Workers take pride in their position in a company Entrepreneurship is seen as “risky” and discouraged in Japan

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