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The Respiratory System

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1 The Respiratory System
Chapter 7

2 Overview of Structures, Combining Forms, and Functions of the Respiratory Systems

3 Structures of the Respiratory System
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4 Structures of the Upper Respiratory Tract
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5 Nose Primary Function Related Word Parts (Combining Forms)
Exchanges air during inhaling and exhaling Warms, moisturizes, and filters inhaled air Related Word Parts (Combining Forms) nas/o rhino/o

6 Sinuses Primary Function Related Word Parts (Combining Forms)
Provide mucus Make bones of the skull lighter Aid in sound production Related Word Parts (Combining Forms) sinus/o

7 Pharynx Primary Function Related Word Parts (Combining Forms)
Transports air to and from the nose to the trachea Related Word Parts (Combining Forms) pharyng/o

8 Larynx Primary Function Related Word Parts (Combining Forms)
Makes speech possible Related Word Parts (Combining Forms) laryng/o (continues)

9 Larynx © Cengage Learning

10 Epiglottis Primary Function Related Word Parts (Combining Forms)
Closes off the trachea during swallowing Related Word Parts (Combining Forms) epiglott/o

11 Trachea Primary Function Related Word Parts (Combining Forms)
Transports air to and from the pharynx to the bronchi Related Word Parts (Combining Forms) trache/o

12 Bronchi Primary Function Related Word Parts (Combining Forms)
Transports air from the trachea into the lungs Related Word Parts (Combining Forms) bronch/o, bronchi/o

13 Alveoli Primary Function Related Word Parts (Combining Forms)
Air sacs that exchange gases with the pulmonary capillary blood Related Word Parts (Combining Forms) alveol/o (continues)

14 Alveoli © Cengage Learning

15 Lungs Primary Function Related Word Parts (Combining Forms)
Bring oxygen into the body Remove carbon dioxide and some water waste from the body Related Word Parts (Combining Forms) pneum/o, pneumon/o, pulmon/o (continues)

16 Lungs © Cengage Learning

17 Respiration Inhalation: the act of taking in air as the diaphragm contracts and pulls downward Exhalation: the act of breathing out (continues)

18 Respiration © Cengage Learning

19 Key Word Parts and Definitions
bronch/o, bronchi/o bronchial tube, bronchus laryng/o larynx, throat nas/o nose ox/i, ox/o, ox/y oxygen (continues)

20 Key Word Parts and Definitions
pharyng/o throat, pharynx phon/o sound, voice pleur/o pleura, side of the body -pnea breathing (continues)

21 Key Word Parts and Definitions
pneum/o, pneumon/o, pneu- lung, air pulm/o, pulmon/o lung sinus/o sinus somn/o sleep (continues)

22 Key Word Parts and Definitions
spir/o to breathe thorac/o, -thorax chest, pleural cavity trache/o, trachea windpipe

23 Questions

24 Question The surface area of a human lung is equal to: a tennis court
a football field a Ping-Pong table

25 Answer a. a tennis court

26 Question A cough releases an explosive charge of air that moves at speeds up to 60 mph. A sneeze can exceed the speed of 100 mph. True or False?

27 Answer True

28 Question How many times a day does the average human adult take a breath? a. 10,000–17,500 b. 25,000–35,000 c. 17,500–25,000

29 Answer c. 17,500–25,000

30 Question The right lung is smaller than the left lung. True or False?

31 Answer False: The left lung is smaller than the right lung to make room for the heart.

32 Answers to Learning Exercises

33 Chapter 7 Answers Matching Word Parts 1 7.1. nas/o 7.2. somn/o
7.3. spir/o 7.4. pharyng/o 7.5. laryng/o Matching Word Parts 2 7.6. pneum/o 7.7. ox/o 7.8. pleur/o 7.9. bronch/o 7.10. phon/o

34 Chapter 7 Answers Matching Word Parts 3 7.11. trache/o 7.12. sinus/o
7.13. pulmon/o thorax pnea Definitions 7.16. mediastinum 7.17. epiglottis 7.18. visceral pleura 7.19. frontal 7.20. bronchioles 7.21. alveoli 7.22. hemoptysis 7.23. anthracosis 7.24. tachypnea 7.25. dysphonia

35 Chapter 7 Answers Matching Structures 7.26. nasopharynx
7.27. oropharynx 7.28. laryngopharynx 7.29. larynx 7.30. trachea Which Word? 7.31. internal respiration 7.32. asbestosis 7.33. bacterial pneumonia 7.34. dyspnea 7.35. tracheotomy

36 Chapter 7 Answers Spelling Counts 7.36. phlegm 7.37. empyema
7.38. pertussis 7.39. phrenic 7.40. antitussive Abbreviation Identification 7.41. acute respiratory distress syndrome 7.42. cystic fibrosis 7.43. functional endoscopic sinus surgery 7.44. sudden infant death syndrome 7.45. upper respiratory infection

37 Chapter 7 Answers Term Selection 7.46. aspiration
7.47. hyperventilation 7.48. tracheostomy 7.49. exhalation 7.50. asthma Sentence Completion 7.51. apnea 7.52. laryngospasm 7.53. pneumorrhagia 7.54. pleurodynia 7.55. bronchospasm

38 Chapter 7 Answers Word Surgery 7.56. bronch/o, -rrhea
7.57. or/o, -pharynx 7.58. poly-, somn/o, -graphy 7.59. pneum/o, -rrhagia 7.60. rhin/o, -rrhea True/False 7.61. False 7.62. True 7.63. False 7.64. True 7.65. True

39 Chapter 7 Answers Clinical Conditions 7.66. cystic fibrosis
7.67. pneumonectomy 7.68. laryngectomy 7.69. bronchodilator 7.70. influenza 7.71. epistaxis 7.72. hemothorax 7.73. septoplasty 7.74. bronchitis 7.75. tracheostomy Which Is the Correct Medical Term? 7.76. pleurisy 7.77. sputum 7.78. cyanosis 7.79. laryngospasm 7.80. Cheyne-Stokes respiration

40 Chapter 7 Answers Challenge Word Building 7.81. pharyngorrhea
7.82. pneumonitis 7.83. laryngologist 7.84. laryngorrhagia 7.85. pharyngolaryngitis 7.86. tracheostenosis 7.87. bronchoplasty 7.88. epiglottitis 7.89. tracheobronchoscopy 7.90. bronchoplegia Labeling Exercises 7.91. nasopharynx 7.92. oropharynx 7.93. laryngopharynx 7.94. larynx 7.95. bronchus 7.96. nasal 7.97. epiglottis 7.98. trachea 7.99. left alveolar

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