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Company LOGO e-BRIDGE GoogleDocs ver 3.0 Connector V14-9-12.

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1 Company LOGO e-BRIDGE GoogleDocs ver 3.0 Connector V14-9-12

2 Company LOGO

3 Company LOGO Google Docs - What is it? Google Docs is a low cost, web-based office suite and data storage service offered by Google “SaaS” = Software as a Service As a “Cloud Service”, documents are saved to Google servers to prevent data loss. Documents can be shared, opened, and edited by multiple users at the same time. Supports Mobile platforms such as Android and IOS

4 Company LOGO Google Docs Connector Google Docs – Terminologies and references FYI - Google Docs is now called “Google Drive” Collections in Google Drive Are folders that allows for the organization of documents stored in Google.

5 Company LOGO What is an Open Platform Connector Open Platform Connector Enterprise Server or Cloud Server The Toshiba Open Platform connector software does not alter the clients Enterprise or Cloud based server. Fields displayed are dictated by the server. Google Docs Connector Document Stores A Toshiba Open Platform Connector provides a direct connection between a Toshiba MFP and Enterprise / Cloud based Servers. “Middleware”

6 Company LOGO

7 Company LOGO Features Clean Interface. Easy to use, clean look and feel Provides improved “User Experience “ - “RICH User Interface” or “Advanced Interface” Security Complies with all network and cloud based security logins. Secure Erase of temporary files Streamlines hard copy document workflow Scan document directly into Google Docs Previous Scan Location History

8 Company LOGO Features Flexible Workflow Options Thumb Nail Gallery, Finger Swipe and Dynamic Zoom Scan Settings with Original Print, Colour Mode, Resolution and Original Type selection Scan Preview with Rotate page and Delete page. Web Based Administration Simple to use and centralized, make configuring the connectors easy. Multiple Image and OCR File Format Support Includes standard Image PDF format Leveraging Re-Rite adds additional OCR file formats with Secure PDF, Batch and Bar Code Sep.

9 Company LOGO Connector Trial Period 30 Day Trial Period Each Connector can be installed a fully operation trial for 30 days.

10 Company LOGO

11 Company LOGO Menu Hard Button User selects the ”Menu” button Google Docs Connector

12 Company LOGO Menu Area - Soft Buttons Extension Button displays Short Cut to the Google Docs user interface On Screen Short Cut

13 Company LOGO

14 Company LOGO Supports Google docs secure access Can be set to automatically sign-in Google Docs Connector Authentication

15 Company LOGO Single Double Sided Scan Google Docs Connector Original Mode

16 Company LOGO Colour Mode Colour Grayscale Black and White Google Docs Connector

17 Company LOGO Scan Resolution Resolutions from 100 to 600 DPI Google Docs Connector

18 Company LOGO Original Type Text and Photo Text Only Photo Only Google Docs Connector

19 Company LOGO OCR File Language OCR Language Up to 29 languages 8 can be displayed Google Docs Connector Please Note! OCR language refers to the text language in the document being scanned

20 Company LOGO File Formats Standard PDF (image) Optional with Re-Rite PDF Text PDF Text + Graphics PDF Exact PDF Security Word DOC/DOCX Excel XLS/XLSX PowerPoint PPTX Rich Text Format RTF Comma Separated Value CSV Tabular Data Plain Text Formatted Text Maximum Selectable Up to 10 can be displayed Google Docs Connector

21 Company LOGO Job Preview Tap image to view pages Google Docs Connector

22 Company LOGO Job Preview (Thumb Nail Gallery and Finger Scroll) Finger Scroll Left or Right Google Docs Connector

23 Company LOGO Job Preview - Dynamic Zoom and Edit Tap image to select Hold to ZOOM Rotate Delete Pages M HHH Google Docs Connector

24 Company LOGO Google Docs Connector Previously entered Google Docs Collections User can select “drop down” to select from previously entered “Google Docs” collections. Select “Collection“ to browse.

25 Company LOGO Google Docs Connector Google Docs Collections Directly relate to “Collections” in Google Docs. Folders

26 Company LOGO

27 Company LOGO Scan First - The user will first be presented a screen to scan the document before selecting a scan destination. Scan Last - The user will first be presented screens to select a scan destination before scanning the document. Omit Scan Preview - Prevents the Connector Scan Preview screen from showing, useful if you want to reduce the amount of time spent at the copier. When you Omit Scan Preview from the Workflow you also remove the ability to rotate document pages, delete document pages, and scan again. Logout Automatically – The current user will automatically logout once they have completed the scan task and return to the initial page. If this is not checked, the user must explicitly logout by pressing a Logout button. Work Flow Options available in the Connector Google Docs Connector

28 Company LOGO Secure Erase – Temp Image Files Erases all temporary image files. After job or scheduled Secure Erase Level One Time Three Times M HHH Google Docs Connector

29 Company LOGO

30 Company LOGO Connector - Architecture Toshiba MFD with GS1020 Open Platform Connector SQL Server – Express Edition Internet Access Google Cloud The e-BRIDGE Open Platform Connector for Google Docs can be installed on Desktop OS or Server based OS

31 Company LOGO System Requirements

32 Company LOGO Recommended MFD Support IMPORTANT! Exceeding the recommended number of MFD’s in the server based OS installation could result in a drop in performance Each MFD MUST have a GS1020 installed!! MFD Supported with GS1020MFD Server Based OSup to 10 (recommended) Desktop OS up to 5 (max)

33 Company LOGO System Requirements – MFD MFD Connector Supporte-BRIDGE IIIe-BRIDGE X GB1540V3 (Google Docs Connector)NOYes

34 Company LOGO EBX Supported MFD’s e-STUDIO 206 e-STUDIO 256 e-STUDIO 306 e-STUDIO 356 e-STUDIO 456 e-STUDIO 556 e-STUDIO 656 e-STUDIO 756 e-STUDIO 856 e-STUDIO 2040C e-STUDIO 2050C e-STUDIO 2540C e-STUDIO 2550C e-STUDIO 3040C e-STUDIO 3540C e-STUDIO 4540C e-STUDIO 5540C e-STUDIO 6540C e-STUDIO 6550C * GS-1020 required

35 Company LOGO

36 Company LOGO Re-Rite 6.1 Re-Rite 6.2 Re-Rite 7.0 Re-Rite 8.0 Re-Rite 6.2, 7.0 and 8.0 provides….  Batch Separation (Page and Bar Code)  Document Encryption (Secure PDF) The following components are optional and are not required for the connector to function however provide increased functionality Re – Rite Supported Versions Google Docs Connector and Re-Rite

37 Company LOGO Re – Rite 8 Supported File Formats Google Docs Connector and Re-Rite

38 Company LOGO After a fixed number of pages – If selected, a text field is shown to enter a number that will be used to delineate batches. Each batch will be saved and delivered as a separate document. Page – Split Batch Scan Google Docs Connector and Re-Rite

39 Company LOGO When bar code page is detected – If selected, a text field is shown to enter a bar code that will be used to delineate batches. Each batch will be saved and delivered as a separate document. Bar Code – Split Batch Scan Google Docs Connector and Re-Rite

40 Company LOGO OP Connector V3 – Re-Rite When selected, all Re-Rite documents will be encrypted. Additionally. It can be set whether the end user can or must password protect an encrypted Secure PDF – Document Encryption

41 Company LOGO ItemDescription Connector License Product CodeGB1540V3 (Google Docs Connector) Connector Software downloadToshiba Partner web site Trial PeriodYes (30 days standard in download) Supported MFDEBX series only Mandatory MFD optionsGS -1020 (each MFD) Connector OptionsGB1280V8 (Re-Rite) Marketing MaterialToshiba Partner web site Product Availability

42 Company LOGO

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