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Out of school hours care Contract management plan information session.

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1 Out of school hours care Contract management plan information session

2 The DECD Contract Management Guidelines reflect the State Procurement Board’s expectations for contract management within DECD The Guidelines identify the requirements for the management of mandated contract terms and conditions, with the ability to tailor in part to suit individual procurements Why do we need a contract management plan?

3 The contract must be managed for its life cycle throughout the initial acquisition planning stages through to performance of the contract after execution, including ongoing management, evaluation, contract closure and beyond Includes all activities associated with administering a contract after it is executed Overview of contract management

4 The Principal as the Ministers representative is the Contract Manager. Their role is to ensure: They are familiar with the plan during the acquisition planning and complete it after meeting with the selected provider Relationships between the Provider, the school governing council, families and children are managed effectively DECD Contract Manager’s role and responsibilities

5 Disputes are avoided by open communication and regular monitoring of performance Risks effectively managed Keep Provider up to date with information and advice regarding DECD operational policy which may impact the services provided Maintain adequate records for audit purposes Respective parties meet their contractual obligations

6 Final plan to be submitted to the DECD OSHC Unit for approval at service commencement Contract to be reviewed regularly by Contract Managers who are: o Principal as the Minister’s representative o School governing council chairperson o Provider must nominate a contract manager

7 Contract management plan familiarisation Layout of plan Populate highlighted areas

8 Advisory Committee Role – page 6 Contract requires that Parties form an Advisory Committee. Primary role of the Advisory Committee is to monitor performance of the Provider and provide feedback to the school governing council on the operation of the service The Committee will consist of the Principal, the Director of the OSHC service, the Nominated Supervisor of the OSHC Service, two elected parent representatives from the school governing council, two parents whose children attend the OSHC service, management representative from the OSHC Provider and the School Finance Officer.

9 Key Advisory Committee responsibilities Monitor fee structure and any increase in fees Participate in selecting, appointment and engagement of OSHC leadership staff (eg Director / Assistant Director) Monitor enrolments and needs of OSHC service Undertake an annual review of the Provider’s compliance with the KPI’s Undertake an annual survey to assess children, families and the school governing council’s satisfaction of the OSHC service

10 School governing council Contract reviews must be undertaken: o three months after the commencement date to determine the offer of contract extension o before the end of the first year o every 12 months and o prior to the contract completion. Performance Monitoring

11 Variations that can be tabled at Advisory Committee meeting include: Variations to the OSHC service that impact pricing Advisory Committee terms of reference KPI’s Variations MUST be documented in writing. Contract Managers must contact the OSHC Unit before agreeing to any other proposed variations, which need to be documented via Deed of Variation. Contract Variations

12 Questions?

13 Contact Procurement Unit Office for Resources, Operations and Assurance Department for Education and Child Development Level 11 31 Flinders Street Adelaide SA 5000 Tel 08 8226 1610 Fax 08 8226 1902 Out of school hours care Unit Office for Children and Young People Department for Education and Child Development Level 7 31 Flinders Street Adelaide SA 5000 Tel 08 8226 6427 Fax 08 8226 0808 Email Web:

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