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Assessing Student Learning Outcomes – Jeff Mackay/Dan Fergueson Welcome.

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1 Assessing Student Learning Outcomes – Jeff Mackay/Dan Fergueson Welcome

2 Learning Outcomes  Student leadership  Students’ experiences outside of the classroom

3 Student Affairs Staff  Learning Reconsidered 2  Training of staff on learning outcomes and assessment

4 Developing Learning Outcomes Learning as a complex, holistic, multi-centric activity that integrates academic learning and student development Learning, development, and identity formation can no longer be considered separate from each other; they are interactive and shape each other as they evolve Importance of mission, philosophy and assessment in writing outcomes Outcomes usually identify growth in knowing, being, and doing More than just cognitive learning (turn to Bloom, Kegan, others) - Learning Reconsidered (2004) & Learning Reconsidered 2 (2006)

5 Assessment Tool  Researched tools to use on our campus  Attended conferences  Institutional tool

6 Learning Outcome/Assessment Model  NACA Competency Guide for Student Leaders  17 learning outcomes  Self assessment tool w/advisor comments

7 Full Competency List Core Competencies 1. Leadership Development 2. Assessment and Evaluation 3. Event Management 4. Meaningful Interpersonal Relationships 5. Collaboration 6. Social Responsibility 7. Effective Communication 8. Multicultural Competency 9. Intellectual Growth 10. Clarified Values Additional Competencies 11. Enhanced Self Esteem 12. Realistic self-appraisal 13. Healthy Behavior and Satisfying Lifestyles 14. Interdependence 15. Spiritual Awareness 16. Personal and Educational Goals 17. Career Choices

8 Who to assess in the trial? Student Leaders  Resident Assistants – 65  Student Government – 9  Activities Board- 12

9 Learning Outcomes  17 learning outcomes  Staff indentified 5 core outcomes  Staff identified 1-2 area specific outcomes

10 Student Affairs Core Competencies 1.Leadership Development 2.Meaning Interpersonal Relationship 3.Collaboration 4.Social Responsibility 5.Effective Communication Additional Competencies RAs Multicultural Competency Clarified Values Student Government Intellectual Growth LAB Event Management Intellectual Growth

11 Assessment Method  Paper vs Electronic Survey  Self Assessment Tool  Advisor Evaluation  Pre-test/Post Test  Mid Year Evaluation

12 Program Assessment  Assessment Tool  Training Programs Effectiveness  Using Results to Evaluate Programs

13 Developing Training from Outcomes  Residence Life Monthly Topics  One on One Meetings  Group Trainings  Returning vs New Leaders

14 Student Affairs Retreat What is our mission, how do learning outcomes support our mission? Student leadership – Currently RAs, ASLC Cabinet and LAB Students’ experiences outside of the classroom Discussion groups to see if we could agree on a set of competencies

15 New Set of Core Competencies The Student Affairs Staff was able to agree on 3 core competencies 1.Leadership Development 1.Social Responsibility 2.Effective Communication

16 3 Core Learning Outcomes Leadership Development: Move your community toward the mission of Linfield. Connecting learning life and community Hold yourself and your students accountable Develop a community inclusive of teambuilding and collaboration

17 3 Core Learning Outcomes Social Responsibility : Encourage self and others to make decisions that are unpopular if they are the “right” things to do Demonstrate behavior consistent with campus policies as well as local, state and federal laws. Appropriately challenges the unfair, unjust, or uncivil behavior of other individuals or groups Participates in service/volunteer activities and understands the importance of civic engagement

18 3 Core Learning Outcomes Effective Communication: Convey messages and influence others through writing, speaking, or non-verbal expression Work in teams and in multicultural settings Illustrate the effective use of listening skills Writes clearly, concisely, and to the point

19 Area Specific Learning Outcomes RAs Multicultural Competency Student Government Collaboration LAB Event Management Collaboration

20 StudentVoice  On Campus Sales Pitch  Drive In Conference  Specific Assessment Project

21 New Assessment Plan  Mid Year Matrix  End Of Year Survey  Different questions and scoring

22 Sample Question Social Responsibility Social responsibility includes your actions both on and off campus related to social justice issues, role modeling positive behavior and getting involved in the community Based on your overall experience as a student leader, please indicate your level of agreement with each of the following statements: Scale: Beginning, Developing, Competent, Advanced, Expert I am a good steward of physical and financial resources entrusted to me I appropriately challenges the unfair, unjust, or uncivil behavior of other individuals or groups I participate in service/volunteer activities I understand the importance of being involved in the community through service/volunteer activities I understand that I am a role model and abide by campus and community policies Do you have any examples, stories or additional comments related to Social Responsibility?

23 What comes next?

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