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Chlorination Powered by WoolMan K R Prabhakar

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1 Chlorination Powered by WoolMan K R Prabhakar
R K Enterprises | Palakkad – Kerala Phone: 0491 – | Mobile:

2 ? Did You Know? Chlorination GAS CHLORINE is 100% elemental chlorine.
Powered by WoolMan GAS CHLORINE is 100% elemental chlorine. GAS CHLORINE is the safest method of water disinfection. GAS CHLORINE does not degrade over time. GAS CHLORINE is the most cost-effective method. GAS CHLORINE uses reusable cylinders. GAS CHLORINE SAVES LIVES.

3 Facts about Gas Chlorine
Chlorination Facts about Gas Chlorine Powered by WoolMan Gas Chlorine Most Efficient Most Cost-effective The Safest Choice Method Most Regulated

4 facts Gas Chlorine – Advantages Chlorination
Powered by WoolMan Chlorine gas is having 100 % chlorine. You can control the chlorination continuously and uniformly with chlorinator. Bleaching powder being hygroscopic in nature, absorbs moisture from air and will become a pasty mass. Hence storage & handling is a difficult task, Rapidly looses chlorine on storage, Leads to commercial loss on storage. Due to rapidly depleting chlorine concentration in bleaching powder, exact chlorine dosage at the time of dosing is never known. Bleaching powder solution preparation is a laborious process involving mixing, settling, decanting of clear chlorine solution, transferring to dosing equipment etc. If the solution has high residue, then lime will deposit inside pipelines and equipment causing choking of lines and pumps. While adding to water bleaching powder will be having only 25 % chlorine, you have to add minimum 4 Kgs of bleaching powder to get 1.0 kg chlorine. Uniform chlorination will not available with bleaching Powder. facts

5 facts Gas Chlorine – Most Cost-Effective Chlorination
Powered by WoolMan Cost of one kg chlorine gas will be maximum Rs ,all inclusive up to your Pump House Cost of 4 Kgs Bleaching powder ,to get 1 kg chlorine will be Rs ,all inclusive up to your Pump House. Sodium Hypo Chlorite is having only 10 % Chlorine you have to add minimum 10 Ltrs of the same to get 1.0 Kg chlorine sodium hypochlorite also degrades over time and loss up to 50 % of its potency in the first 30 Days facts 1 Gas Chlorine contains 100% available chlorine per kg 2 Bleaching powder contains only 25 % of available chlorine/kg 3 Sodium Hypochlorite contains approximately 12.5% available chlorine per gallon

6 facts Gas Chlorine – The Safest Chlorination
Powered by WoolMan Safety regarding chlorine isn't about the chlorine itself, but about the accidental release of gas, and the ability to contain it if that happens. Chlorine gas, by itself, is not explosive. Chlorine gas is delivered in a system designed for gas use. Modern day gas delivery systems are based on a vacuum, instead of pressure, which further ensures safety, since a broken pipe will not exhaust gas in a vacuum-driven system: no gas is released. When the news reports a chlorine “gas” release, many times the exposure is due to off-gassing of hypochlorite. The chlorine gas would not have been released if the hypochlorite had not been involved in a violent, sometimes explosive, chemical reaction, usually due to accidental mixing of chemicals. facts

7 Chlorination Gas Chlorine – The Safest Powered by WoolMan facts

8 facts Gas Chlorine – The Safest Chlorination
Powered by WoolMan Based on chlorine content, it is necessary to feed different amounts of each to achieve the same disinfection level. The result is a monthly cost comparison that shows that gas chlorine is clearly more cost-efficient. In addition, equipment, transportation and operating costs must be factored into cost equations, with the result also showing that gas chlorine will reduce costs. 1 Kg  Chlorine     =  4  Kg Bleaching  Powder facts 1  Kg chlorine   =  10 Ltrs of  Sodium Hypochlorite

9 facts Gas Chlorine – Choice Method Chlorination
Powered by WoolMan washing, sanitizing and animal drinking water.Meat processing plants depend upon it for both processing and chilling water; using it to spray the equipment and products. Beverage bottling plants use gas chlorine to sanitize their facilities. Fruit and vegetable processing plants use it to wash down all produce. Gas chlorinated water is used in canneries to cool cans after cooking, as well as for facility sanitation A large percentage of industries use products that are dependent upon chlorine. This affects us everyday in the food we eat and the water we drink. From farming to soda bottling, well water to municipal water facilities, chlorine is used to make our water safer. The poultry, dairy and livestock industries rely upon gas chlorinated water for facts


11 (5.0 kgs/hour to 20.0 kgs /hour)
Chlorination Powered by WoolMan Vacuum CHLORINATORS (5.0 kgs/hour to 20.0 kgs /hour) Vacuum CHLORINATORS ( 1.0 kg/hour)

12 Schematic Diagram Chlorination Vacuum Pressure Gauge
Powered by WoolMan Vacuum Pressure Gauge Water Pressure Gauge Chlorine Pressure Gauge Ejector Vacuum Regulator Water Inlet Non-return Valve Chlorine Inlet HOCL Inlet Chlorine Pressure Regulator Rota meter Chlorine Control Valve

13 Technical Specifications
Chlorination Technical Specifications Powered by WoolMan Automatic Vacuum Regulator with Teflon diaphragm and Teflon/Silver working parts, which will be stopped the chlorine flow from the cylinder in case of power failure/water shortage. Water passes through the injector to produce the required vacuum, this automatic vacuum regulator will be reduced the pressure of chlorine to a constant level. The Automatic Vacuum Regulator is the heart of vacuum feed chlorinators. Our exclusive design ensures safe handling of chlorine gas with minimum risk. Differential Pressure Regulator A compensating differential pressure regulator with Teflon diaphragm and working parts to maintain the constant down stream pressure across the Rota Meter. Rota Meter A borosilicate glass Rota meter with scale and Teflon float to measure the flow of chlorine gas Calibrated for various capacities. Accuracy of this Rota meter will be +or-2%.

14 Technical Specifications
Chlorination Technical Specifications Powered by WoolMan Control Valve A flow regulating pressure valve to maintain the constant flow of required chlorine gas. Injector An Injector to create the required vacuum at a minimum water pressure of 0.5 Kg/cm2 . Motive water flowing through the injector generates vacuum which turns open the Automatic Vacuum Regulator open and allows the flow of chlorine through the system. Chlorine gas and water will get mixed here to form chlorine solution. H20 + CI2 > HCL + HOCL Pressure Breaker A vacuum pressure breaker to prevent the possibility of water being drawn into the chlorinator and chlorine cylinder. The system is also provided with pressure relief valve, vacuum relief valve, check valve, drain relief valve…etc. to ensure the safety of both men and machinery.

15 Technical Specifications
Chlorination Technical Specifications Powered by WoolMan All connection pipes for chlorine gas will be made out of steel braided Teflon with necessary stainless steel cylinder jack and fittings . A cabinet should made out of FRP, fitted with three numbers of pressure gauges to show the chlorine, water, vaccum pressure and with a minimum size of 1,600 x 780 x 540 mm with a pedestal mounting block.

16 Woolman – An Introduction
Chlorination Woolman – An Introduction Powered by WoolMan Wool Man Chlorinator as per IS:10553 Part II has been designed by taking into account of its physical and chemical properties – viz its reaction with metal, solubility in water, behavior at different temperature and its hazards. Chlorine gas, greenish yellow in colour, two and half times heavier than air reacts with almost all metals. Hence we are using only Teflon, the highly resistant engineering plastic for chlorine gas. In our chlorinator chlorine gas in passing through filters and valves made out of Teflon. Since the Teflon is having very low mechanical strength we are using PVC composite FRP for outside protection

17 Woolman – Objectives Chlorination
Powered by WoolMan Purpose of Chlorination for Potable and Swimming Pool Water Certain diseases like infectious Hepatitis, Typhoid, Cholera etc. are caused through impure water. In addition, some types of bacteria cause distaste and impact of colour and odour to water. The only and readily available and economical solution for the above is chlorination. Surface water resources, normally are polluted.It needs extensive and thorough treatment and to meet this requirement chlorination is performed. Chlorine when added to water takes minutes of retention time to react with all substances present in water.

18 Woolman – Design and Operation
Chlorination Woolman – Design and Operation Powered by WoolMan Wool Man make vacuum feed chlorinators are having the latest Vacuum Technology. This semi automatic Chlorinator will develop the required Vacuum(300hg) with a water pressure of just 0.5kg/cm2 which is suitable for up to 5kgs/hr Chlorinator. An interpolation in water flow will stop the flow of Chlorine gas at Vacuum regulator. This injector is also fitted with a positive acting non return valve. The purpose of which is to prevent water gaining access to the system during non-operational periods. The operating pressure of the injecting water supply, vacuum pressure and chlorine pressure are indicated on pressure gauges.

19 Optional Facilities and Guarantee
Chlorination Optional Facilities and Guarantee Powered by WoolMan We can supply a chlorinator with automatic regulation. This automatic regulator will stop the entire chlorination if found any leakages in the plant. It also will give an alarm to the operator. We take utmost care in manufacturing our chlorinators. The equipment is guaranteed for a period of one year against any manufacturing defects. If found any fault due to materials or workmanship during guarantee period we will replace the equipment immediately on free of cost.

20 Optional Facilities and Guarantee
Chlorination Optional Facilities and Guarantee Powered by WoolMan Once you installed our Woolman chlorinator, we shall undertake the supply of chlorine gas at your pumping stations as per your requirement . we will take the empty cylinders for refilling chlorine gas. Our plants are working at Sivakasi, Kovilpatti , Ambasamudram, Aruppukottai etc since 2006 onwards and we are supplying chlorine gas to them till now. We shall undertake the service of our plant every month for which our maintenance team will visit your site. We are also undertake the maintenance of the chlorinator After guarantee period on ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT basis

21 Our Address Chlorination R. K Enterprises Palakkad – Pollachi Road,
Powered by WoolMan R. K Enterprises Palakkad – Pollachi Road, Palakkad Kerala Phone: 0491 – Mobile: Website:

22 Chlorination Powered by WoolMan

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