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IS612 – Object Oriented Concepts and Development Dr. Catherine Dwyer Fall 2010.

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1 IS612 – Object Oriented Concepts and Development Dr. Catherine Dwyer Fall 2010

2 Agenda  Class introductions  What is IS612?  Overview of Syllabus  Introduction to Java programming using Eclipse  This week’s assignment

3 3 Catherine Dwyer Associate Professor Seidenberg School, Department of Information Technology  Full time since Fall 2000  Other classes taught: CS121, CS122, IS112, IS223, IS241, IS323, IS396E (Java), IS660Z(Programming Games Using VB)  Lead developer for Web Assisted CIS101  Revision Chair for IS Undergraduate curriculum  Co-author with Dr. Jeanine Meyer of Programming Games With Visual Basic, Course Technology, 2001  I have taught C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, and JavaScript  Written a textbook for Visual Basic and for JavaScript

4 4 My Computing Background  MS in CS (Pace), PhD in IS from NJIT, dissertation on privacy management in social networking site  Two daughters, recent college grad (2008) and college freshman  Prior Experience: Programmer/Analyst at NYC investment bank, Technology Coordinator at Graphics Design Firm  Husband journalist with The New York Times  Research interests: social networking and social media, online privacy management, and sustainability  Links to my research on my web site:  You?

5 Required Text and Software  Lewis and Loftus, Java Software Solutions, sixth edition (fifth is also fine, and will be cheaper )  Bring your book to class every class meeting!  Software:  Java  Eclipse  Microsoft Visio (available through MSDNAA)

6 Overview of Online Resources for IS612  Course material is available on my Web site:  Blackboard site - http://blackboard.pace.edu  Faculty contact information  Syllabus  Assignments  Course resources  Links to Java online resources

7 What about programming?  Why do MS in IS students need to know about programming?

8 What does IS profession say?  Official IS description of this course: Programming FundamentalsProgramming Fundamentals  Primary goals:  What are the key object oriented concepts?  How does the application of object oriented concepts improve the reliability of software?  How is data created and managed in software?  What makes up the practice of software development?

9 Why study Java?  Of all the programming languages around, why do we study Java?programming languages

10 Java is the language of the Internet  Designed to produce applications for a networked environment  First major programming language available via download (see  Most popular “general purpose” language for web applications  Builds on “C” syntax  Is object oriented

11 Getting started with Java and Eclipse  Trying out the Eclipse development environment  Running your first Java program

12 Next Class  Read chapter one of Lewis and Loftus and bring text to class  Install Java and Eclipse on your home machine/laptop (see assignment for Week 01)

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