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Assistive Technology Hearing (deaf or hard of hearing)

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1 Assistive Technology Hearing (deaf or hard of hearing)
Assistive Listening Systems: Personal Frequency Modulation (FM) Systems Becky Chopp

2 Assistive Technology for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing
Many individuals who are hard of hearing use devices such as hearing aids (an assistive technology) to help them hear. In addition, many individuals who are deaf may have gotten cochlear implants (an assistive technology) to help them hear. However, there are many other types of assistive technology to help these individuals hear (such as assistive listening systems) OR there are other devices such as picture symbols or pictures schedules (another type of assistive technology)to help them understand what is going on around them.

3 Why FM Systems? I chose to research the FM systems because although some individuals may use hearing aids or cochlear implants to hear they are not always effective in a loud environment such as a classroom. An FM system helps the student hear the teachers voice instead of all the background noise, room echo and distance noise.

4 FM Systems FM system is a type of assistive listening system
It is a wireless, portable, battery-operated device that uses radio transmission to send auditory signals. The instructor wears a microphone connected to a transmitter that is attached to their body.

5 FM Systems The student either wears the receiver clipped to their clothing or connected to their hearing aid via an induction loop system or audio input cable. This will help the student hear clear sound over distances, eliminates echoes, and reduces other surrounding noises.

6 How to use FM systems Each individual type of personal FM system will come with its own instructional manual to follow. Different brands or styles of FM systems will have different directions to follow on how they need to be used. Here is a general article and tutorial on how to use personal FM systems … An audiologist may also be a good reference when trying to use an FM system with individual students.

7 Availability of FM systems
Below is a list of the personal FM system product name the vendor it comes from and the website that vendor and product can be found at. Personal FM systems can start at $ (being about the cheapest) to any where in the thousands range. Product Vendor Website Personal ALD Comtek William Sound Corporation Phonak Phonak Hearing Systems Phonic Ear

8 Examples of FM systems

9 Use in the Future This system would be very helpful for me as a teacher in the future to help individuals who are hard of hearing. In addition, FM systems don’t have to be for personal use only but can be for the whole classroom. To be used for the whole class an FM system would work the same. The teacher wears the transmitter closely to her mouth and the receiving end would be speakers around the classroom to give a surround sound to the classroom.

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