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Breaking Point Testing Tensile Strength CRISP Yale/SCSU 2011.

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1 Breaking Point Testing Tensile Strength CRISP MRSEC @ Yale/SCSU 2011

2 STRONGER Research Questions How can we make materials stronger? How can stronger materials be lighter, cheaper, or better in other ways? How can we develop new strong materials for specific applications? [STRONGER demo clip] 2 CRISP MRSEC @ Yale/SCSU 2011

3 Objectives Participants will learn: materials properties depend on structure materials can be strong in different ways; for example, some possess high tensile strength while others are more elastic that materials scientists test the strength of materials by stressing them to their breaking point 3 CRISP MRSEC @ Yale/SCSU 2011

4 Demo Description Test and compare the tensile strength and elasticity of Kevlar®, Nylon, and cotton thread by lifting weighted buckets with wooden dowels Then compare the tensile strength of Kevlar® to steel wire tensile strength = amount of stress a material can withstand while being pulled in opposite directions elasticity = ability for material to bend/stretch/rebound 4 CRISP MRSEC @ Yale/SCSU 2011

5 Key Points Materials scientists have invented synthetic polymers, such as Kevlar® and Nylon, that are stronger than natural polymers (i.e. cotton) The strength of a material is determined by its molecular structure; structure/property 5 CRISP MRSEC @ Yale/SCSU 2011

6 What is a polymer? polymer – large molecule made of repeating structural units natural polymers – wood, rubber, cotton, wool, leather, silk; proteins, enzymes, starches, cellulose synthetic polymers – plastics, rubbers, fiber materials 6 CRISP MRSEC @ Yale/SCSU 2011

7 Applications of Kevlar® 7 CRISP MRSEC @ Yale/SCSU 2011

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