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Plagiarism “101” What it is… Why it matters... Getting help…

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1 Plagiarism “101” What it is… Why it matters... Getting help…

2 Plagiarism is cheating… What it is  Defining plagiarism - Plagiarism is… Use of someone else’s idea or part of his/her work without proper citation. Letting other’s think the idea or work of someone else is your own.  Origin of the word… kidnapping

3 Plagiarism is dishonest… ISU’s Definition - Academic Dishonesty! “PLAGIARISM is defined as representing another person’s words, ideas, data or work as one’s own. Plagiarism includes, but is not limited to, the exact duplication of another’s work and the incorporation of a substantial or essential portion thereof without appropriate citation” (ISU Faculty Handbook, Part 6, 2005).

4 Plagiarism is wrong… - Is it wrong to use other’s ideas in your papers or presentations? Absolutely NOT! Much, if not most, of what we know comes from those who have worked or are working in our discipline. -Is it wrong to use others’ ideas without telling your audience whose ideas they are? Emphatically YES! So the academic presentation or paper must make it clear whenever an idea or information comes from someone else, not you.

5 Plagiarism Particulars… - Downloading another author’s paper from the web and submitting it as your own. -Having a friend or more experienced student write part or all of your paper for you. -Using the idea or words of a source without including an in-text citation. -Submitting an incomplete Bibliography, Works Cited or References page.

6 Plagiarism comes with consequences... “The consequences of academic dishonesty can be very serious. Depending on the exact nature of the offence, they can range from being required to rewrite an assignment to failing the class or being expelled from ISU” (ISU Academic Integrity Tutorial, 2006). Penalties for Academic Dishonesty: Each penalty is separate…Combinations of penalties may be imposed; however, any penalty imposed shall be in proportion to the severity of the offense.

7 Plagiarism consequences… Instructor/Class Level  Warning  Resubmission  Grade Reduction  Failing University Level  Suspension from the University  Academic Expulsion

8 Instructor Penalty Options… Penalties that may be imposed by the instructor: (1) Warning–The faculty member indicates to the student that further academic dishonesty will result in other sanctions being imposed. (2) Resubmission of work–The faculty member may require that the endeavor in question be rewritten in conformance with proper academic standards and requirements or that a new project be developed. The instructor may specify additional requirements. (3) Grade reduction–The student’s grade for a test, project, or other academic endeavor may be lowered or a grade or “F” may be assigned. (4) Failing–A grade of “F” is assigned for the course. (5) Failing–A grade of “F” with notation is assigned for the course.

9 University Penalty Options… Penalties that may be imposed at the University level: (1) Suspension from the University… (2) Academic expulsion from the University is the most severe penalty for academic dishonesty and may be imposed by the University Administration for extreme or multiple acts of academic dishonesty. Once expelled, the student will not be eligible for readmission to the University. The academic expulsion will be recorded on the student’s permanent transcript.

10 ISU Plagiarism information See the ISU Student Handbook and the Student Code of Conduct: Student Code of Conduct

11 Plagiarism is a violation of academic integrity Why it matters  Standing upon those who came before…  Who “owns” ideas? Intellectual property  Expectations/Rules of the Game

12 Plagiarism may be a matter of law… According to U.S. law, words/ideas can be stolen. The expression of original ideas is considered intellectual property and is protected by copyright law – just like original inventions. Almost all forms of expression fall under copyright protection as long as they are recorded in some way. -from

13 ISU Plagiarism resources-HELP This is tough stuff – Getting Help  Resource materials ISU on-campus help  ISU Faculty (teacher/advisor) On-line help 

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