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Time to be Born A Reading Genie Book By Geri Murray.

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1 Time to be Born A Reading Genie Book By Geri Murray

2 It was time for Dad to plant the corn. When he put on his boots and set his lunch sack on the porch, he was set to go.

3 “Did you want help?” Mom asked. “I have to feed the chicks some corn and the cows some hay, but Ben and Jess can help.”

4 “Ben and Jess will sleep all morn,” Dad said as he went out the door. Dad did not want to fuss at the kids, but he did need help.

5 It was dark in the yard. Dad saw that there was a storm near. “I may have to wake those kids,” he said.

6 “Jess, Ben, your mom needs help and I need help. Time to get up,” Dad called. But the kids did not wake up.

7 Dad left in his truck, and that’s when Jess woke up. She felt bad. “Ben,” she said. “I need mom. My throat is sore.”

8 “Just get a drink,” Ben said. “That is what Mom will say.” Jess did not think Ben was much help. She got up and went out the door.

9 As she took a step out the door she saw Scat the cat on the porch floor. Scat was so fat that she did not get up. Scat did not seem well.

10 Jess got down to see her pet up close. Scat was not glad to see her. “Hiss,” she said. Jess saw that there was a wet lump by Scat, and then she saw one more.

11 “Ben, Mom, Dad” Jess said. “Scat is not well. I think it is time for her kittens to be born.” “Oh,” Ben said with a snore.

12 When Lad came near, Mom heard Jess roar, “GET BACK LAD!” Mom ran to see what was up. Jess did not let Lad near the door. When Mom saw Scat and the kittens and Dad back in the truck, then the rain began to pour.

13 They ran in the house. “What a day to be born!” said Mom as she set Scat and the kittens in a box. Scat did not hiss any more. The house was still.

14 Jess had to name the first kitten Rain and the next one Pour. One more kitten came, and then no more. “This last one is like Ben. His name will be Snore!”

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