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Thanksgiving Then and Now

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1 Thanksgiving Then and Now

2 Table of Contents Objectives: Slide 3
What should we learn first?: Slide 4 Origins of Thanksgiving: Slides 5 & 6 Thanksgiving Today: Slides 7 & 8 Self-Quiz: Slide 9 Listening Activity: Slide 10

3 Objectives Learners will identify basic facts about the history of Thanksgiving celebrations on paper after viewing this section of the PowerPoint. Learners will self-evaluate their cultural knowledge about today’s Thanksgiving celebrations by answering interactive questions. Learners will orally tell how they plan or would like to celebrate Thanksgiving, using information they have learned from the PowerPoint presentation.

4 What should we learn first?
Let’s start with then (History of Thanksgiving) Let’s start with now (Current ways of celebrating)

5 Origins of Thanksgiving
Key Vocabulary Terms: Pilgrims: a group of people who left England to sail across the ocean to the United States Native Americans: the people who already lived in North America before Europeans arrived A Pilgrim family in traditional clothing A traditional Native American home

6 Origins of Thanksgiving
Who? Pilgrims and Native Americans What? Feasted (ate) and were thankful for all they had Where? Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts When? 1621 Why? The Pilgrims were thankful for the food they were able to grow during the summer and for the help from the Native Americans. They held a festival were they prepared some of the foods they had harvested. to selection page to current celebrations

7 Thanksgiving Today Who? What? Where? When?
People in the United States What? Feast (eat) and are thankful what they have Where? All around the country When? Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth (4th) Thursday of November every year How? Often, Americans gather with family and eat a large meal together.

8 Common foods to eat at Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Today Common foods to eat at Thanksgiving Meat: turkey Side Dishes: mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, bread, cranberry sauce Desserts: apple pie, pumpkin pie

9 What are common foods to eat at Thanksgiving?
Spaghetti Turkey Ice Cream Try Again You’re Right! Try Again Pie Mashed Potatoes Pizza You’re Right! You’re Right! Try Again

10 How will you celebrate Thanksgiving?
Click below to listen to how I celebrate Thanksgiving. Now tell me how you would like to celebrate the holiday.

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