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JOURNÉE PORTES OUVERTES Lycée Elkins 31 septembre, 2010.

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1 JOURNÉE PORTES OUVERTES Lycée Elkins 31 septembre, 2010

2 Bienvenue ! Madame Henderson- 11:15-12:00 Conference online textbook Tutorials on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school

3 QR Codes Business Card QR CodeSyllabus Page QR Code

4 French I Nine WeeksUnit 1 st Nine Weeks Introduction to Language: The French -speaking world, French in our world, French sound system, Basic pronunciation, Alphabet, Classroom procedures, Language-learning strategies Basic Conversation: Greetings and Courtesies, Introducing friends and family, Numbers 1-30, classroom items, basic likes and dislikes Daily life: Days of the week, months, holidays, weather, seasons, numbers 40-100, time, ordering in a caf é, school courses and schedule 2 rd Nine Weeks Who am I? Describing family members and friends (personality, age, physical appearance), talking about possessions, describing room, where people are and what they are doing 3 rd Nine Weeks My home and community: Describing one ’ s home, the neighborhood, places in the community, modes of transportation, Talking about future plans, Paris monuments 4th Nine Weeks My Style: Describing clothing, what to wear for certain seasons and occasions, describing style and fit of clothing Living for the weekend! Weekend activities Talking about things that happened in the past

5 Proficiency Levels French I- Novice Mid French II- Novice Mid moving to Novice High French III- Novice High moving to Intermediate Low (A1-A2) French AP- Intermediate Low moving to Intermediate Mid (A2-B1) *

6 French II Nine Week Period Unit Name 1 st Nine Weeks Back to Language – Review of basic conversation, survival expressions What are you like? – Describe self/others in detail, discuss nationalities and origin, compare to someone else, expression of opinions, and professions How do I get there? – Give and ask for directions, discuss places in their city and compare with a foreign city 2 nd Nine Weeks How do I get there? – Give and ask for directions, discuss places in their city and compare with a foreign city The weekend – Reviewing likes and dislikes What are you going to do, what you usually did, what you do now, what you did last weekend, getting around in Paris by the metro, taking a trip to the countryside, asking for directions 3 rd Nine Weeks Enjoy! Talking about food and meals, discussing food preferences, table settings, how to be a guest in a French home, rooms of the house, specialty stores in France My activities- Talking about activities such as going to the movies (movie genres) and attending sporting events, discussing hobbies (movies, books, and music), review extending invitations, asking for directions A day in the life- Talking about sports and health, a healthy lifestyle, daily routine 4th Nine Weeks Photos and Memories- Recount memories Discuss childhood memories and the things you used to do (music, hobbies, schools, home) describe and narrate in the past

7 French III Pre-AP and French AP

8 Nine Week Period Unit Name 1 st Nine Weeks Personal and Public Identities: Multiculturalism, Francophonie, Cultural Identity Beauty and Aesthetics: Image and Style Contemporary Life: (Education in France, lodging, and career choices) 2 nd Nine Weeks Science and Technology: New technologies Contemporary Life: Advertising and the Media Families and Communities: Relationships, 3 rd Nine Weeks Global Challenges: Environmental challenges; Challenges of city living Contemporary Life: Travel Beauty and Aesthetics: Patrimonie 4th Nine Weeks Beauty and Aesthetics: Art and Literature Contemporary Life: Gastronomie

9 French AP Exam

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