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Classified (non-exempt) Employee Meeting September 15 and 16, 2010.

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1 Classified (non-exempt) Employee Meeting September 15 and 16, 2010

2  Started hearing about classified staff working overtime without compensation  This violates the Fair labor Standards Act (FLSA) which was first enacted in 1938 to protect employees  Includes provisions for minimum wage, overtime pay for non-exempt employees, and child labor protections for workers in the US  In the Spring of 2010, WSU formed a team to review WSU policies and procedures to ensure we are consistent with the FLSA  Record keeping was a key concern

3  An accurate record of the hours worked each day and total hours worked each week  The FLSA requires that all employers make, keep, and preserve certain records  Records need not be kept in any particular form  Time clocks are not required  Every covered employer must keep certain records for each non-exempt worker

4  Assuming that all employees paid a salary are not due overtime  Improperly applying an exemption  Failing to pay for all hours an employee is “suffered or permitted” to work  Limiting the number of hours employees are allowed to record

5 Invited 14 members of CSAC Objectives: Explain the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Review the need for change Gather input for the future vision How can WSU comply with the FLSA requirements? Sample of Outcomes: “Don’t want time clocks” “Keep it simple” “Keep current flexibility” “Use ‘comp time’ feature already in Leave Tracker” “Must support 9 month contracts paid over 12 months”

6 Time Clock (a.k.a. TAS) Exception Reporting (i.e., current process) Leave Tracker - day/week - computer-based - flexible - simple




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