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Maynard How am I influenced?. PPC – pay per click PPL – pay per lead (only paid if a sale is generated)

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1 Maynard How am I influenced?

2 PPC – pay per click PPL – pay per lead (only paid if a sale is generated)

3 ROS – run of site Hit every page Run your advertising campaign throughout the site, reaching a diverse audience, getting varied hits and covering all your bases. Maximum reach Your advertising campaign will reach far and wide, appearing on different sections at different times, expanding your customer base.

4 ROI – return on investment companies compare the ROI of different projects to select which projects to pursue

5 Opt-in – permission email

6 Stickiness – the ability to hold the attention of site visitor & keep them returning to the site Social Media connection points Surveys and Polls Maps/Images/Videos Free offers What's New content Discount and coupon offers Specials and promotions Chat rooms and Bulletin Boards Jokes, Cartoons and Trivia Site of the Day, Tip of the Day, etc. Event Calendars

7 Unique visitors – a single visitory to your site within 24 hours Impression – 1 display of an ad Session – each visit to each site by 1 person End Session – close all pages from that site Hit – visit site or request info/picture/item once Frequency cap - # of times 1 visitor sees a certain ad Cookie – small files stored on computer about preferences & site usage, ex. Name, address Session cookie – temporary. Deleted when you leave the site

8 1. keyword loaded URL 2. free and valuable resources on site 3. user friendly site 4. contest/coupons 5. banner ads 6. pop up ads 7. affiliate marketing 8. search engine optimization

9 1. URL on everything– ex. Bags, uniforms 2. opt in email – send out sales, new stuff 3. press releases – send the media info about new products, new resources, updated site 4. awards – nominate y0ur company for awards, like the Webby 5. survey – have a pop-up survey when entering or leaving the site 6. pod casting – send videos, sales, news, coupons

10 Promotional mix – advertising, publicity, personal selling, sales promotion Promotional Objectives Promotional Goals Ex. informincrease customer awareness new Ipad persuadeIncrease sales3 day sale remindIncrease market share happy GAP ad

11 Credibility - Perception of media by market Cost– Unit cost –per one message, absolute cost –for entire project Lead Time - Amt of time to notify media prior to posting message Lifetime - Amt of time message lasts Attention grabbing/appeals to senses - With in first 3 secs – or else change channel, flip page Environmental issues - Recyclable, reusable Flexibility - Use for many types of products Frequency - # of times 1 person in target market gets the message Reach - # of people who get the message at least 1 time Reproducibility - Ability to use the same message again Selectivity - Ability to choose a distinct target market to hear message

12 Print: Newspaper Magazine Yellow Pages Broadcast Radio Television Internet Banner Keyword Interstitial Webcasting/email Other Direct mail Gifts Outdoor signs Corporate sponsorships

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