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2 MY LOVE FOR NUTRITION! My love for nutrition started when I was in 10 th grade. This class has been very interesting to further my knowledge on nutrition and the use of technology. I am proud of the work that was accomplished and can’t wait to put it into use in the real world!

3 HOME COOKED DINNERS! On this page, located under the meal planning section of my website, it talks specifically about how to make homemade dinners that everyone can be home for and that are enjoyable to everyone in the family! :]

4 BREAKFAST RECIPE! For this page on my website, I decided to put on one of my favorite breakfast recipes on: Cinnamon Rolls! It’s delicious and has a great smell to wake up to in the morning!

5 VEGGIE SANDWICH FOR LUNCH For the lunch page, I found a recipe that interested me and that would be quick. I love love LOVE veggie sandwiches (everyone in ND makes fun of me for not adding meat!), but I think it fills me up so quickly and its healthy!

6 SUPPER MAC & CHEESE Seriously, who doesn’t love Mac & Cheese?! Although this isn’t the healthiest recipe (but it definitely can be made healthy!), the cheesy, warm recipe makes me want to eat this for dinner every single night. Hopefully some one found it useful! :]

7 NUTRITIONAL FACTS For this slide my second assignment, the Excel Spreadsheet assignment, is showing how I created a nutritional facts label by using specific labels and equations throughout the table! The blue arrow shows how many calories are in each serving. The pink arrow shows the total carbohydrates in each serving and the purple arrow shows the Vitamin A in each serving!


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