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 Catalog Description:  Pre ‑ requisite: Math Level 2, Math 087, placement, or equivalent. This is a one semester course in the basic fundamentals of.

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1  Catalog Description:  Pre ‑ requisite: Math Level 2, Math 087, placement, or equivalent. This is a one semester course in the basic fundamentals of General Chemistry with a survey of Organic, Nuclear, and Bio- Chemistry for students who plan to pursue a health-related profession* or who have an interest in chemistry. An emphasis is placed on the relationship between chemistry and life through issues and examples from the health, medical, and environmental fields. A two hour laboratory exercise each week is used to reinforce the lecture material. The course does not assume a prior knowledge of chemistry. Credit will not be given for both CHEM 120 and CHEM 161 (or equivalent).

2  Instructor Info  John Muench  John or Mr. Muench or Professor  ICN 2020  Best method for contacting me is email  Phone = (309) 268-8656.  Course Web Page:

3  Textbook is by Timberlake  Note – 11 th edition is very similar to the 10 th edition.  Lab book is available in the bookstore  Study guide is not for everyone, but has a lot of great supplemental problems.  Website for book is also a good alternative. Course ID = MUENCH120SP12 Website  Scientific calculator and periodic table.

4  Learn about chemistry from the perspective of the health sciences.  Apply some basic problem-solving techniques.  Key fundamental concepts (Chapters 1 – 9) are covered over the first 12 weeks.  Survey of Organic and Biochemistry (Chapters 10 – 16) are covered in the final four weeks.

5  Lectures – I try to present the material in a clear cut manner.  Try to give at least one example problem for each type of problem in class.  Worksheets contain the the bare minimum amount of homework needed to pass the course.  Quizzes are meant to find out where students are at with the material.  Exams present your opportunity to show what you know.

6  There are also group quizzes and assignments that will be completed as in class exercises. I will assign groups.  Memorization of formulas and constants are not necessary as I provide these to you on quizzes and exams.  You will be allowed to use your notes for quizzes and prepare one page of notes for the exams.

7  Combination of worksheets, quizzes, exams, and lab exercises.  Worksheets and Quizzes are a total of 225 points. I’ll drop the lowest two quizzes.  There are four exams worth 125 points apiece, but I drop the lowest score, so total exams are 375 points.  The final exam is comprehensive and worth 200 points (and not OPTIONAL!)  Lab is worth 200 points.

8  Total points are 1000.  Grades are based on a 90.00 – 80.00 – 70.00 – 65.00 scale.  However, your overall lecture average must be greater than or equal to 65% to obtain a D, 70% to obtain a C, 80% to obtain a B, or 90% to obtain an A. Also, successful completion of your lab work is also required.  Ex) A student’s lecture percentage is 78.5%, lab is 92.1%, and overall is 81.1%. This student would get a C based on the lecture percentage.

9  An individual report will be emailed to your HCC email address after each exam.  If you DO NOT wish to receive your grade this way, then please let me know ASAP so I can remove you from the mail merge.  Due to FERPA rules, a additional layer of security may be required with any email correspondence regarding grades.  Please use the following as “our” security code = “potassium bromide” if asked.

10  Attendance – required in the lab. In lecture, I will be keep track…  Lack of attendance is the number one reason why students do poorly.  Supplemental homework from the book, study guide, or website is strongly encouraged, but is not collected for credit.  Worksheets and quizzes are assigned and collected. These are a show-your-work type of assignment and partial credit is given.  Note: Answers only will not be accepted!!!

11  There is one worksheets per chapter and they are generally due in one week.  Worksheets can be turned in one class period later with no penalty.  Worksheets turned in two or more weeks late are generally not accepted for credit.  Exceptions can be granted for more time to complete an assignment, but please talk to me.

12  Exams are 32 questions, but in a multiple choice format.  No partial credit is given on exams.  Exams are curved to reflect their difficulty.  I’ll pass out a sample exam before each exam to give you a flavor of the types of questions I’ve asked in the past.  There are NO make-ups on exams.  A self-assessment will follow the first three exams.

13  Final Exam is comprehensive and NOT optional.  The exam is 32 questions with eight questions from EACH exam.  Will be allowed to use materials from the previous exams and the exams themselves.

14  You must be present and participate to receive credit for the group exercises.  Please practice good cell phone etiquette at all times during lectures.

15  You are encouraged to work with and check answers with students from the course.  However, merely copying someone else’s worksheet is a violation of academic integrity.  Penalties range from getting a zero on that assignment to receiving an “F” for the course.  Cheating on ANY exam will result in an automatic failure in the course.  Note: there will always be two forms on each exam to lower the temptation for cheating off of a neighbor!

16  Successful Students are:  Ones that accept PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY  Discover SELF- MOTIVATION  Master SELF- MANAGEMENT  Are SELF-AWARE of their goals  And employ good study(BDA) habitsBDA  Struggling Students:  See themselves as VICTIMS  Have little MOTIVATION  Have no clear-stated GOALS  Are solitary, rarely request help, and may even reject help  Lack a good SUPPORT system  Have SELF-DOUBT about abilities

17  Tutoring is available down in our library area.  My office hours are posted including “virtual” hours.  Web site contains all of the class  Special study session is from 2 – 3:20pm on Monday in the lab room (ICB 1401).

18  Gives dates for all quizzes and exams.  Some topics may be started sooner or later than dates anticipated.  There will be other options for taking the Final Exam.  Questions?

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