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Ordering food and beverages

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1 Ordering food and beverages
UNITE 3 – Leçon B Ordering food and beverages

2 Gender of Nouns Unlike nouns in English, every French noun has a gender, either masculine or feminine. You will need to remember the gender of each French noun that you learn. La Tour Eiffel

3 Definite Articles – pg 84 To refer to a specific person, place or thing, you use a definite article. The definite articles in French are listed below. They ALL mean “the”. Le – comes before a masculine word beginning with a consonant sound. La – before a feminine word w/ consonant sound. L’ – used instead of the le or la before a word that begins with a vowel sound. Les – the plural form of le, la and l’.

4 Pronunciation of Definite Articles
Le [luh] - rhymes with “je” La [lah] Les [lay] – rhymes with day, pay, ray, say! In spoken French, the sound of “les” is often the only indication that the noun is plural. Always be careful to distinguish between the different sounds.

5 Indefinite Articles “Un” and “une” are indefinite articles.
They mean “a” or “an” (or “one” when using as a number!) “Des” – the plural form – means “some” The great thing about articles in French is that they usually indicate the gender of the noun. Je voudrais une salade et un jus d’orange. Salade is feminine; jus is masculine.

6 des boissons (f.) un café = a coffee un coca = a Coke
un coca light = a Diet Coke un jus de pomme = an apple juice un jus d’orange = an orange juice un jus de raisin = a grape juice un jus de fruit = a fruit juice une limonade = a lemon-lime soda une eau minérale = a mineral water

7 la nourriture un sandwich un hamburger un hot-dog un steak-frites
un sandwich au jambon un sandwich au fromage un hamburger un hot-dog un steak-frites saignant = rare à point = medium bien cuit = well done

8 une salade une omelette une quiche le fromage = cheese le jambon = ham la pomme = apple l’orange (f.) les frites (f.) = fries les raisins (m.) = grapes

9 des desserts (m.) une crêpe
une glace au chocolat = chocolate ice cream une glace à la vanille = vanilla ice cream le chocolat la vanille la fraise

10 Je voudrais….. Je voudrais [voo dray] = I would like
This is the POLITE way of saying “I want”. When ordering food or drink, you would use “un” or “une” (or another number) prior to the noun (in most cases.) Ex. Je voudrais un steak-frites et une limonade, s’il vous plâit . = I would like a steak and fries and a lemon-lime soda please.

11 Donnez-moi…. Donnez-moi = Give me
When ordering you speak formally to your “serveur”, hence the –ez (vous) ending to the verb donner, which means “to give” Ex. Donnez-moi un jus d’orange s’il vous plâit. = Give me an orange juice please.

12 Enquête culturelle – p 69 - 70.
Volunteers to read? Important terms to make note of during the reading: Le boulevard Saint-Michel La Sorbonne Steak-frites Les friteries Un diabolo menthe Un express Un café crème Les crêperies Les galettes ***These terms are in BOLD in your textbook.

13 Based on picture, say in French whether you are hungry or thirsty!


15 Pg 71 – Exercise 2 1. C’est une… 2. C’est un… 3. C’est un…
crêpe jus d’orange sandwich au jambon café glace au chocolat salade steak hamburger

16 Pg 72 – Exercise 3 If you had a choice between two items, say which one you would order. Begin sentence with “Donnez-moi” per the example!

17 Pg 73 – Exercises 4 & 5 Exercise 4: Exercise 5: 5 MINUTES!
For each receipt, count the number of masculine items and the number of feminine items. Be prepared to state how many of each there are on each receipt AND what they are! Exercise 5: Name one item you could order for each of the prices listed. 5 MINUTES!

18 HOMEWORK Reminder – Due NEXT class:
Read pages and do Ex. 10 on page 79. Due WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY: Workbook pages USE your textbook to do them. They must be already completed when you walk in the room otherwise they will be counted 1 day late (-30%)

19 Imagine that you’re playing Scrabble in French
Imagine that you’re playing Scrabble in French. What food item can you spell with each set of letters? 1. elinalv __________________________ 2. mopem __________________________ 3. bmnajo __________________________ 4. setirf __________________________ 5. ssaniir __________________________ 6. grenao __________________________ 7. merafgo __________________________ 8. toohlcca __________________________

20 10. Categorize the following items by putting each one in the appropriate column. Put appropriate un or une before the noun. Limonade / jus de pomme / glace à la vanille hot-dog / hamburger / jus d’orange glace au chocolat / crêpe / coca Café / jus de raisin / eau minérale sandwich au fromage / sandwich au jambon Boissons Sandwichs Desserts

21 Categorize the following items by putting each one in the appropriate column. Write un or une in front of each item. J’AI FAIM….. salade coca café sandwich au jambon jus d’orange crêpe omelette J’AI SOIF…… quiche steak-frites jus de raisin limonade hot-dog eau minérale glace

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