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Sustainable Development, Policies, Financing October 9, 2011

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1 Sustainable Development, Policies, Financing October 9, 2011
johnthescone The IPCC Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation Sustainable Development, Policies, Financing October 9, 2011 Mexico City


3 Demand for energy services is increasing.
GHG emissions resulting from the provision of energy services contribute significantly to the increase in atmospheric GHG concentrations.

4 Potential emissions from remaining fossil resources could result in GHG concentration levels far above 600ppm.

5 is dominated by fossil fuels.
The current global energy system is dominated by fossil fuels. Shares of energy sources in total global primary energy supply in 2008






11 POLICY GOALS Deployment of renewable energy is being stimulated by a combination of policy goals: energy security and diversification, climate change mitigation, environmental concerns, economic development, Millennium Development Goals. Notes: Role of industrial development Jobs Context for developing nations (industrial development) Access/ poverty/minorities/gender

12 POLICY FRAMEWORK Policies in some countries are leading to a significant and rapid growth in investment in renewable energy. In 2007 it represented [30%] of the global power sector investment, including large hydro. For the most part, without effective policies renewable energy deployment is limited. A successful, vibrant renewable energy sector relies on a favorable policy framework. Scaling up to a global level would require many more Governments to institute significant, stable, long-term policies.

The policies are implemented as a comprehensive framework which addresses the country-specific barriers. The evidence of what works is increasing as investment in renewable energy rises: R&D, regulations, economic and information instruments.

14 BARRIERS Human resources Information Technical and Infrastructure
Economic Financial Fiscal Institutional Cultural and social Unique challenge of least developed and evolving countries A prerequisite is that policies are implemented as a comprehensive framework which addresses the country-specific barriers.

15 STRUCTURAL SHIFT An energy system which includes very high levels of renewable energy would require a structural shift to a more integrated energy service approach, which will vary in decentralization depending on the characteristics of the country. This will require a combination of innovative policies which address the broad spectrum of issues, from technological through to social concerns. Given the longer term nature of infrastructure decisions, it is necessary for Governments to give the appropriate policy signals.

Technology transfer, Capacity building, Financing and Investment In many developing countries, there is a huge untapped or inefficiently utilized renewable energy resource which need specific policy initiatives, including finance, to be exploited. New finance mechanisms and creative policies on all levels are needed to stimulate the technology transfer, investment and deployment of renewable energy.

17 Aside learning: in operation / sustainability.
Sustainability governance acceptability.


19 Global New Investment in Sustainable Energy, 2002-2008, $ billions


21 Financial New Investment by Region, 2002-2008 $ billions

22 Renewable power* Generation and Capacity as a proportion of global power, 2002-2008, % share

23 A ‘carbon abatement curve’ showing financial cost (+) or savings (‐) for a range of efforts, projects, and programs with the unit financial impact per ton of carbon dioxide not emitted to the atmosphere (Brazil, China, Mexico, US, UK)


25 An integrated RE-based energy plant in Lillestrøm, Norway, supplying commercial and domestic buildings


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