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Lecture 1 Intro Databases and Information Systems DT210 S McKeever 1.

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1 Lecture 1 Intro Databases and Information Systems DT210 S McKeever 1

2 Contact S McKeever Advanced Databases 2 Susan McKeever Room K201

3 Times Lectures and labs times Lectures – Monday 7:30 – 9:30 pm Labs – A portion of the Monday night session S McKeever Advanced Databases 3

4 Course Content This course covers advanced database management system design principles and techniques. Topics will include Database management Database modelling Database security Distributed Databases Data and database integration Optimisation and tuning, concurrency, recovery and integrity S McKeever Advanced Databases 4

5 Books and resources Book titles Fundamentals of Database Systems -5th Ed,Elmasri & Navathe(Main Book) Database Systems -4th Ed. Connolly & Begg (Good book for introduction and advanced topics) Various research papers Web SQL: SQL: S McKeever Advanced Databases 5

6 Assignments – 40% - will have about 5 weeks to do Written exam – 60% Past papers will be available on website Assessment for this course S McKeever Advanced Databases 6

7 S McKeever Advanced Databases 7 Labs Hands on experience with data modelling and setting up databases Various available – Oracle …. Access Who has used what?

8 S McKeever Advanced Databases 8 Databases What is a database ? Shared collection of logically related data (and a description of this data), designed to meet the information needs of an organization. So…

9 Data and Databases Why are Databases important? Can’t have a system without persistent data storage (usually) An organisation’s data is stored in databases (usually) Databases are important to you because.. A critical part of any organisation’s IT infrastructure A fundamental part of an IT professional’s knowledge S McKeever Advanced Databases 9

10 Who has used a dB today? S McKeever Advanced Databases 10

11 S McKeever Advanced Databases 11 Examples of dB applications Purchases from the supermarket Purchases using your credit card Booking a holiday at the travel agents Using the local library Taking out insurance Renting a video Using the Internet Studying at university

12 Databases Who’s doing what? Oracle - Oracle IBM – DB2, Informix Microsoft SQL Server – limited to Windows ….. S McKeever Advanced Databases 12 Open source Postgresql SQLlite.. Commercial Market Share $ What about MySQL?

13 S McKeever Advanced Databases 13 Database Vendors

14 Quiz S McKeever Advanced Databases 14

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