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0ictQATAR October 13, 2008 Qatar’s ICT Statistical Information Areas Tariq Gulrez.

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1 0ictQATAR October 13, 2008 Qatar’s ICT Statistical Information Areas Tariq Gulrez

2 1ictQATAR Contents 1.Introduction 2.Core ICT Statistical Information Areas 3.Proposed approach for providing data to Qatar Statistics Authority

3 2ictQATAR Introduction  QSA has taken a lead on realizing the development policy that aims at encouraging fact- based decision making assisted by punctual statistics. Thus, Statistics Authority seeks cooperation from all organizations producing statistical data at national level on various sectors.  The presentation discusses key ICT statistical information areas associated with development strategies and programs for enhancing knowledge sharing and coordination with Statistics Authority. Our proposed approach for providing ICT data to Statistics Authority is also included. Qatar’s ICT Statistical Information Areas  Strategic goal 4 of Qatar’s National Strategy for Development of Statistics: “Improve coordination among data producers and cooperation from data suppliers/ respondents”

4 3ictQATAR Scope and approach adopted for ICT Market Research …  Aims to provide a uniform coverage of all relevant aspects contributing to the country’s ICT Adoption, thus leading to Policy recommendations and action plans. Benchmarking Qatar against world countries is also attempted.  Data collection is focused on information areas required for ICT development strategies and programs and for analyzing ICT Adoption amongst key stakeholders and sectors in Qatar  ICT Market Research draws data from extensive secondary research and primary surveys  Sample based approach has been primarily adopted for gathering survey data  Census estimates are crucial for developing a robust sampling plan  Indicators from regional and international organizations, in line with the local scenario, are included  The indicators are classified in Environment, Readiness, Usage and Satisfaction framework  Key findings from ICT Market Research are published annually in Qatar’s ICT Landscape report Qatar’s ICT Statistical Information Areas “ICT adoption” is broadly defined as the integration of computers, Internet, and related technologies in social and economic activities. The wider the use of these technologies in the daily life of individuals or the daily operations of organizations, the higher is the level of ICT adoption.

5 4ictQATAR ICT Job Market Key Stakeholders and Sectors included in ICT Market Research Qatar’s ICT Statistical Information Areas ICT Market Research Residents Business Government Tourism Health Education

6 5ictQATAR Core ICT statistical information areas …

7 6ictQATAR 1.Residents and Households  Penetration of computers, internet, TV, fixed telephone lines and mobile cellular phone  Penetration of internet by type of connection and speed  Internet user penetration  Devices used for accessing internet  Location of using computer and Internet  Frequency of computer and internet use  Major reasons and use of internet for various purposes  Digital literacy  ICT related training  Satisfaction levels with internet, fixed line and mobile phone services  Perceived barriers to computer and internet use Qatar’s ICT Statistical Information Areas

8 7ictQATAR 2.Businesses operating in Qatar  Penetration of computers and internet  Type of internet connection and speed  Network connectivity  Percentage businesses with web presence  Proportion of employees with official e-mail  E-mail usage penetration  Use of internet for various activities  Electronic bill presentment and payment  Proportion of businesses accessing government websites for information and transactions  Percentage of employees specialized in IT  Hours of ICT training imparted and planned for employees  Imports and Exports of ICT equipments  Satisfaction levels with internet services and government's online services  Barriers to Internet and PC usage Qatar’s ICT Statistical Information Areas

9 8ictQATAR 3.Government  PC and Internet penetration among government employees  Government staff with official e-mail  Performance on e-Participation and e-Government Readiness index  Percentage of individuals accessing government websites  Comprehensiveness of public information available online  Proportion of government services online  Percentage of government agencies with automated core processes  Proportion of trained or certified cyber security professionals  Percentage of employees specialized in IT out of total staff  Connectivity to government network  Perception towards government’s implementation strategy for utilizing ICT  ICT training imparted and planned  Satisfaction with existing G2G services  Satisfaction levels with government's online services Qatar’s ICT Statistical Information Areas

10 9ictQATAR 4.Education  Penetration of computers and internet at schools  Proportion of internet connected PCs at schools  Number of computers used for education purposes  Presence of computers for education purposes at key locations in schools  Type of internet connectivity and speed  Percentage of schools with LAN (local area network)  Presence of computers at key locations for the use of students  Proportion of schools with web presence  Recency of computer usage by students and teachers  Use of computers and internet hours for various purposes  Location of computers and internet use by teachers  Digital literacy and confidence in using ICT for various purposes  Use of computers in classroom teaching  Use of e-Learning materials  ICT training imparted and planned for students and teachers  Barriers to usage of Internet, Computer and e-Learning material Qatar’s ICT Statistical Information Areas

11 10ictQATAR 5.Health  Proportion of health professionals connected to the internet  Duration spent on computer and internet in a typical week for Work/Personal purposes  Confidence levels of health professionals in using basic applications  Frequency of internet access at work place  Internet use by health professionals for various purposes  Percentage of professionals connected to online health professional network  Satisfaction levels of health professionals with internet services  Proportion of healthcare providers with website/transactional services  Usage of internet for health related activities by residents  Satisfaction levels of residents with health related information made available by organizations in Qatar  Satisfaction levels of residents with online health card services  ICT training of health professionals  Barriers to internet use Qatar’s ICT Statistical Information Areas

12 11ictQATAR 6.Tourism & Sports  Type and speed of internet connectivity offered to customers  Proportion of tourism organizations providing internet access to customers and guests  Web presence of tourism organizations  Tourism organizations with transactional websites  Proportion of visitors who accessed the internet while in Qatar  Various devices used by visitors to access internet  Major reasons for use of internet by visitors prior to trip  Reasons for accessing internet by visitors while being in Qatar  Popular locations for accessing internet by visitors  Satisfaction levels with fixed line, mobile phone and internet services  ICT training of tourism professionals  Barriers to computer and internet usage by visitors Qatar’s ICT Statistical Information Areas

13 12ictQATAR 7.ICT Job market  Workforce involved in ICT sector  ICT workforce by key positions  Number of technical ICT workforce  Number of ICT trained professionals passing out of education institutes in Qatar  Job skills needed so that ICT fresh graduates start producing in their jobs  Level of difficulty in recruiting employees with popular skills  Level of difficulty in recruiting candidates for key ICT positions  Opinion towards online degrees and certifications  Popular sources used to recruit ICT professionals  Demand estimates of ICT professionals Qatar’s ICT Statistical Information Areas

14 13ictQATAR Proposed approach for data sharing  Questionnaire(s) to be finalized with QSA facilitating delivery of ICT related data from ICT Market Research to statistics authority  For Ad hoc ICT related data requirements, questionnaire(s) should be sent to ictQATAR. After joint review, if deemed necessary, relevant data will be furnished  Qatar’s ICT Landscape report will be provided to Statistics Authority annually –Online and Hard copy versions. Latest report is available on ictQATAR’s website at:  Requests should be sent to Planning & Institutional Relations. Knowledge Management department of ictQATAR will process and deliver the request  Option of website promoting online data sharing to be evaluated Qatar’s ICT Statistical Information Areas

15 14ictQATAR Thank you!

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