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Dance Literacy By: Reina Potaznik.

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1 Dance Literacy By: Reina Potaznik

2 Dance Literacy Before I can explain the importance of dance literacy and why it is needed, let me begin by defining the term: dance literacy.

3 Literacy According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary:
lit·er·a·cy noun \ˈli-t(ə-)rə-sē\ Definition of LITERACY : the quality or state of being literate 1lit·er·ate adj \ˈli-tə-rət also ˈli-trət\ 1 a : educated, cultured b : able to read and write 2 a : versed in literature or creative writing

4 Dance Literacy Dance literacy, however, is not found in the dictionary. One can deduce that dance literacy means being literate in dance: knowledgeable in dance technique, history, vocabulary, notation, as well as an avid dance viewer.

5 Dance Literacy So what? Why is it important?

6 Dance Literacy Susan Graham in her article Developing Intellectual, Social and Emotional Literacy Through Dance Education (2008), discusses the benefits of dance education.

7 Dance Literacy In general, arts education helps to increase students’ self-esteem.

8 Dance Literacy In particular, dance teachers’ develop the following 3 dimensions of their students: Emotional Social Intellectual

9 Dance Literacy These 3 dimensions are developed through 4 facets of dance education: Interpretation Creation Notation Analysis

10 Dance Literacy New York City’s Department of Education (NYC DOE) on its website: Has an entire Blueprint for Dance and sample Dance Units, both advocating for and preparing educators in teaching dance.

11 Dance Literacy The  Accelerated Motion: Towards A New Dance Literacy website: “Foster[s] a multidisciplinary understanding of how movement ideas are enacted in various aspects of American culture.” 

12 Dance Literacy Believes that viewing, thinking, and writing “about dance brings students face to face (or rather, body to body) with their own cultural assumptions, forging potent intellectual connections between historical contexts, social issues, and the development of a critical point of view. ”

13 Dance Literacy The Language of Dance (LOD) website:
Is an incredible resource for dance educators, providing them materials, such as, the movement alphabet, LOD symbols, and more.

14 Movement Alphabet

15 Body Actions

16 POB diagram

17 POB symbols

18 Dance Literacy The Dance Literacy Games website:
Is a constructivist approach to movement education, providing dance teachers with fun interactive ways to teach dance composition, improvisation, analysis and reflection.

19 Dance Literacy Videos Grammar Dance Sole Creation Dance Co.

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