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Booktalking… Or “Don’t you librarians just read all day anyway?”

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1 Booktalking… Or “Don’t you librarians just read all day anyway?”

2 What is a Booktalk?

3 Booktalks are like movie trailers or commercials for books! They function in the same way as blurbs on the back of a book jacket. The purpose is to grab the attention of the audience and make them want to read the book. A booktalk is NOT the same as a book review.

4 Why Booktalk? Increases circulation Promotes the library for recreational reading Increases the audiences awareness of the library Promotes collection and/or resources You get to share your favorite reads with patrons!

5 Booktalking Styles Character Based- describe a particular character and talk about their point of view Plot Summary- summarize the plot to a particular point and stop to create a cliff- hanging ending Scene Based- read a particular scene from the book, usually an exciting or pivotal point

6 Tips for creating great booktalks Never booktalk a book you have not read or didn’t like. Create a script for each book and practice the narrative Individual book talks should be 2 - 3 minutes in length Group books into a theme Try mixing fiction and non-fiction titles within a theme

7 Tips for creating great booktalks Keep it simple: plots, characters, etc… Remember to give the title and author Don’t read from the script! Don’t give away the ending or surprises! Make sure the material is appropriate PLEASE don’t ever say “Read this and find out!”

8 Group Exercise… Yay! Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss

9 Mix it up Web 2.0 style! Record your Booktalk as a video. Create a booktalking podcast. Utilize a booktalking blog or wiki.

10 Booktalk Links ALA Booktalking Tips rofdev/booktalking.cfm/ rofdev/booktalking.cfm/ rofdev/booktalking.cfm/ Booktalks Quick & Simple lks/default.htm lks/default.htm lks/default.htm Book Wink Helpful links for designing and presenting booktalks, including sample scripts.

11 Resources Franklin, Pat. Get Students to Read through Booktalking! School Library Media Activities Monthly Volume XXIV, No 7, March 2008. Jones, Patrick. Connecting Young Adults and Libraries. Neal-Schuman: New York, 1998. Gruenthal, Heather. 21 st Century Booktalks! CSLA Journal. Vol 31, No 2, Spring 2008. Younker, J. Marin. Talking it Up. School Library Journal Vol 52, no 4, April 2006. Belben, Cathy. There Are No Booktalking Police. Library Media Connection 26 no 2 October 2007. Cole, Sonja. Booktalks that Knock-em Dead. Teacher Librarian 35 no 1 October 2007. Kelly, Kate. Bookfomertials.

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