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2 2Security marking 2 Background ●the financial crisis means that government has less money to spend ●this means less money for all Councils, including Barnet ●this means less money for the Children’s Service ●Barnet has a growing population – more people are being born ●this means that more children and young people need services ●more people need services but we have less money

3 3Security marking 3 Money ●every year the Children’s Service spends around £346m, most of this (£255m) goes directly to schools ●last year the Children’s Service had £6.4m less to spend ●we listened to you and made some changes ‒ we changed the way children’s centres work ‒ we made sure that vulnerable young people could use youth services ●the Children’s Service got an extra £2.5m to help people early and for social care ●for 2012/13 the Children’s Service needs to spend £1.044m less ●we are also asking the Council for £0.75m as we need to support more people

4 4Security marking 4 How can we spend less? ●we have looked at everything we spend and tried to make things work better with less money ●however, we will have to stop doing some things and do other things differently ●we are asking you for your views on four main areas to make savings ‒ youth services ‒ support for children in care (Corporate Parenting) ‒ adoption and fostering allowances for children in care ‒ child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS)

5 5Security marking 5 Youth Services Priorities ●support for the voluntary sector and local communities ●support for vulnerable young people 1) spending less on youth and play activities - £150,000 ●there are 2 options: ●Option X - spend £150,000 less and do not charge for activities ●Option Y - spend £75,000 less and charge for some activities as long as people can afford it

6 6Security marking 6 Youth Services 2) spend less on some services - £135,000 ●this would mean less money for: ‒ advocacy ‒ out of school activities for young people with disabilities ‒ art programmes open to all children and young people 3) spend less on staff that are not delivering frontline services - £215,000 Overall we hope to save £500,000

7 7Security marking 7 Corporate Parenting ●didn’t spend less on social care last year – need to look at everything to find savings for this year ●support for children in care remains a priority 1) spend less on computers provided to children in care and foster carers – £40,000 2) spend less on individual tuition for children in care by working better with schools – £40,000 3) spend less on staff training and less on staff that are not delivering frontline services – £20,000 Overall we hope to save £100,000

8 8Security marking 8 Adoption and fostering allowances ●when children are fostered both they and their foster parents get allowances to cover costs like clothing, transport and special occasions ●those who adopt children also get an annual allowance ●these allowances have not been reviewed for some time ●the review will look at if allowances need to be changed if the child in care has different needs than they did before ●the review will also find some areas where savings can be made, for example we think we can spend less by children in care using Oyster cards instead of taxis ●We hope to save £110,000

9 9Security marking 9 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) ●NHS Barnet pays for most CAMHS services for young people with high needs ●the Children’s Service pays for some services for young people with lower needs ●since September 2011 people have been accessing services in a different way which is less expensive than what was happening before ●this new system will help to save money next year ●we would also work better with the people who deliver the services so that the same can be done with less money ●we don’t think there will be a big impact on the service children and young people get We hope to save £100,000

10 10Security marking 10 Timeline EventTiming Formal consultation on overall budget with stakeholders to commence 4 November 2011 Formal consultation closes6 January 2012 Final report goes to Cabinet20 February 2012 Report goes to Council6 March 2012 New structure in place1 April 2012

11 11Security marking 11 Your input appreciated ●we will keep you updated on progress via the engage website - ●You can respond to the consultation on all Children’s Service budget proposals via an online questionnaire, which can be found at 12-2013 12-2013 ●If you have any comments on the outline proposals please email


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