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1 Call Data Analysis And More

2 Company Highlights Developing telecommunication software since 1991 More than 55 qualified people spread across 7 locations in India More than 3000 clients in India comprising of Multinationals, Five-star hotels and large business corporate International Presence – Users in –East Africa (Kenya and Uganda) –Middle East (UAE and Qatar )

3 Company Highlights Recognized for delivering reliable, technically competent and user-friendly solutions Area of specialization demands accuracy and reliability which is achieved using proprietary tools (own scripting languages and libraries) Quick turnarounds for development / customization Proven track-record with timely deliverables Tie-ups with leading PBXs like –SIEMENS- Siemens Ltd. (Business Comm. Division) –AVAYA - Avaya Global Connect Ltd. –NEC - Enkay Telecommunications Pvt. Ltd. –NORTEL - Global TeleSystems Ltd. / 3D Networks

4 Verticals Hotels / Motels / Hospitality Call Centers / Service Providers Legal Office Environments

5 Products for Call Centers ACD Analysis Call Information Popup (Call center application) Call Information Popup (Project based call accounting solutions) Customized Solutions

6 ACD Analysis Based on PSwitchView 7.10

7 What is ACD? Acronym for Automatic Call Distribution Special function of EPABX Supports day-to-day operations of call centers. –Distribution of Incoming calls to agents in case of inbound call centers –Dialing and distribution of outgoing calls to agents in case of outbound call centers –Queuing and routing the call by diverting the longest waiting caller to the longest waiting agent –Diverting call received to specific group of agents –Jumping calls from agent to agent within group etc.

8 ACD Analysis (PSwitchView 7.10) Tracks events and actions of the PBX in on-line real-time Offers MIS of overall call center operations –Agent’s login / logout time –Call entering in queue –Ringing on an agent’s extension –Call picked up –Call answered –Call disconnected, etc.

9 ACD Analysis (PSwitchView 7.10) PSwitchView offers following MIS as part of the package that help to –Monitor Agent’s performance –Get actual figures of incoming / outgoing calls Calls lost while in the queue Number of calls abandoned by agents Pattern of calls throughout the day –Decide shortage or excess of telephone lines on the EPABX

10 ACD Analysis (PSwitchView 7.10) Additional MIS –Periodic Agent Performance –Periodic Trunk Performance –Agent-wise Summary –Trunk-wise Summary –Agent-Date-wise Summary –Login / Logout View

11 Call Information Popup Call Center Application

12 Call Information Popup Comprises of three products –PopServer –DBClient, and –PopClient. Agent can see incoming call information on his computer while the call is ringing on his extension While in conversation, agent can feed additional information based on his conversation. The entered information is stored in the central database maintained for all agents PopServer captures incoming calls realtime, filters unwanted information and forwards clean event to DBClient. DBClient extracts additional details of the caller from centralized customer database, and reformats the event for PopClient running on the agent’s computer. It also simultaneously intimates PopServer about the same. PopServer establishes the connectivity to PopClient. When PopClient receives the intimation from PopServer, it pops up a screen showing caller information.

13 Call Information Popup Project Based Call Accounting Solutions

14 Call Information Popup Functionally similar to the application, except it works on outgoing call events. Typically useful for organizations where outward telephone calls are made on behalf of clients and are billed back-to-back Telephones are treated as either profit or cost center in such organizations. On disconnecting outgoing calls, PopClient running on the computer pops up with list of calls. The caller appropriates amount to respective customer account. Records are posted to central database. Query/Report module offers reports on central database to print a bill for customers and when required

15 Telesoft Presence 108, Supermarket, Monghibai Road, Vile-Parle (East), Mumbai - 400 057 Phone: 022-2615 5141, 26132001/02 Fax: 022-2615 4923, Email: L V Business Chamber V Complex,# 2/2, 2nd Main Road, Vinayak Circle Palace, Gutahalli, Bangalore - 560 003 Phone: 080-23314513 Reliance - 9343784236 26/88, Sixth Cross Street,Trustpuram, Kodambakkam, Chennai – 600 024 Phone: 044=24838702 Reliance - 9382190248 / 9380645999 House No. 23-6-6/3, Hari Bowli, Hyderabad – 500 260 Phone: 9391189479 / 9440471112 Block L/J, Flat No. 6, Abantika Housing Estate, Kolkata – 700 039 Phone: 033-3438892 Reliance – 9433023439 34, Corner Market, Millinium Business Centre, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi - 17 Phone: 011-2667 5056/57 Reliance - 9313100534 / 9313058079 Rolling Hills, A-703, Phase – II, Baner Road, Opp. Smart Super Shop PUNE – 45 Phone: 020-27292775 Mobile - 9822059440 Pune Hyderabad Bangalore H.Q. B B B B B B B – Branch Office H.Q. – Head Quarters

16 Thank You

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