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Government Connect Connected Government Framework Nigel Tilley, Industry Strategy Consultant, Microsoft.

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1 Government Connect Connected Government Framework Nigel Tilley, Industry Strategy Consultant, Microsoft

2 What is CGF? –business focused explanation of Microsoft’s vision for Local and Regional Government –standardised LRG messaging with solutions for common business problems –drives the re-use of best practice and solutions –supports inter-operability of systems through the use of open standards –ensures that MS platform is aligned to the key priorities facing your council –provides business and technical collateral as well as pro-active sales and marketing campaigns Exploit the Value of MS investment Deliver seamless service delivery Reduce costs whilst improving efficiency

3 Customer Benefits Consistent Messaging from MS around platform –A vision based on customer need, not product capability –Clarity on MS technology roadmap –Simplified delivery model Ensures MS is focused on your business challenges Based on real, tangible examples, aligned to the broad vision A common architecture to map business solutions to – provide integrated solutions for customers Emphasis on re-usable components and repeatable offerings Strong support and use of open standards to deliver truly inter-operable systems Better visibility of Microsoft’s thinking, direction and forthcoming initiatives Uniformity between Microsoft and partner messaging – easier to understand and make decisions Bridge the gap between business problems and IT solutions

4 Common Business Challenges Service Improvement Business Efficiency Performance Management Social Welfare Staff development & Retention Transport Management Inter agency collaboration Information Sharing Economic Development Tax & Revenue Collection Compliance Governance Transparency

5 Addressing Your Need through IT Scenarios Solutions Products

6 Citizen Connection Case Worker Productivity Business Integration Corporate Infrastructure Services Identity Management Unified Messaging EDRM and Workflow Integrated Back Office Joining up with Local Services Connecting services Integrated Children’s Service Mobile Working New Ways of Working Transactional services on the web Single views of citizens and CRM IP Television User Access Channels - (Internet, face to face, telephone, kiosk, mobile, post, digital TV) CGF Solution Framework

7 The Connected Town Centre The Citizen Residents & Visitors 1 The Elected Representative The political aspects of local representation 2 The Council Employee Local Government in Action 3

8 Key Scenarios Performance Management ICT Rationalisation Citizen connection Back Office Integration 6 2 3 4 Economic Development 1 “The challenge for councils is to enable seamless service delivery to an ever widening set of needs within reducing budgets”

9 Citizen Connection scenario An integrated Microsoft CRM platform enables the council to identify citizens to improve service delivery, prevent fraud and target intervention at those most in need. HQ 2 Call Centre 1

10 Shared platform allowed the county to enjoy a considerable reduction in the total cost of ownership, operation and maintenance costs Productivity improvements because of reduced mistakes Better interaction between the councils and more efficient interactions with its citizens The project provides a platform where 221 councils will have citizen, civil servant and business portals that will allow them to interact and integrate with each other to support improved services for citizens and businesses. The county of Girona, Spain identified that it needed to make improvements in productivity within and between its councils across the region. This meant focusing on staff productivity, lowering costs and bringing service delivery closer to citizens and businesses. County of Girona, Spain “The Digirnet project provides a complete set of egovernment services to municipalities with less than 5000 inhabitants, and improves the performance and productivity of their organisations, allowing them to interoperate with other government agencies and deliver 24/7 services through multiple channels.” Mr. Jaume Torramadé i Ribas, Vice-president of Girona Provincial Councils, County of Girona, Spain Real World Example

11 Citizen Connection Platform

12 Summary CGF consolidates the Microsoft “elephant” into themes and scenarios that are relevant to Local Government It ensures that solutions (like GC) can be quickly mapped within a Microsoft enterprise architecture Provides clarity about Microsoft’s vision and where partner solutions and initiatives align Forms a cornerstone of MS Investment planning moving forward Reviewing scenarios and solutions and looking to “fill gaps” Building and extending the use of SSN to support the development of a CGF community of interest Mapping CGF to a detailed Shared Service proposition for Local Government

13 Further information: ment/localgov.mspx Thank you

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