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TAKE THE LEAD — Working Together to Prepare Now for Pandemic Flu Lions Club.

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1 TAKE THE LEAD — Working Together to Prepare Now for Pandemic Flu Lions Club

2 Thank you. Let’s talk about pandemic flu!

3 Why be concerned about pandemic flu? Why prepare? History tells us it’s “not if, but when” 3 pandemics in past 100 years, 1918 most severe H5N1 bird flu could mutate to pandemic strain Pandemic = severe, worldwide, easily spread We would have little immunity, no vaccine/meds We are the first generation that can prepare

4 Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) H5N1 9.10.08 2003-’08 387 human cases 245 human deaths 15 nations

5 Pandemic Phase 6 Pandemic Period Increased and sustained transmission in humans Pandemic Phase 5 Pandemic Alert Period Larger localized clusters, better adapted to humans, not highly transmissible Pandemic Phase 4 Pandemic Alert Period Human spread, small localized clusters, not adapted for rapid spread Pandemic Phase 3 Pandemic Alert Period Humans infected, no spread or low risk of spread between humans Phase 2 Interpandemic Period Still in animals, but substantial risk to humans Phase 1 Interpandemic Period Viruses circulating in animals, low risk to humans Pandemic Phases 10.2008

6 What has Vermont been doing? OCT 2004 flu vaccine shortage response JUN 2005 planning tabletop JAN 2006 state summit MAR 2006 regional summits JUL 2006 2-week full-scale exercise JAN 2007 school closing exercise MAY 2008 medical surge capacity exercise JUL 2008 communication training for leaders ONGOING creating, refining operational plans

7 Engaged Leaders

8 Strong Partnerships

9 Major Events 2001 › 2007 Full Scale Exercises

10 Local Response

11 A social marketing campaign by HHS… Raise awareness that pandemic flu is possible Preparedness is a shared responsibility Share info & resources about personal preparedness Engage trusted leaders to verify, spread the word …

12 Strategy and Identity … Same message from multiple trusted sources Pandemic flu is an extreme health emergency People and families can prepare NOW It’s practical, not scary Strategy validated by audience research

13 Campaign Development … Research = health, faith, business, civic, public National forum & leadership BLOG Partners campaign + Toolkit + Public campaign “Collaboratory” Project — 9 sites chosen



16 Why Burlington as a Collaboratory? Unique city/rural character Vibrant,diverse population Many active partners Full-scale panflu exercises Vaccine shortage response Trusted local leaders Volunteerism, service April 11 kick-off

17 Burlington Collaboratory Progress City, CCRPC, Health Dept. Health, Business, Faith, CIVIC Lion’s Club leadership Communication trainings Multi-ethnic ‘prevent flu’ video Preparedness Month stories Get Ready Day news event Worksite Wellness Conference “Stock Up” feature on VPR pages Viral e-mail campaign next? Stock up grocery store event? Home care holiday gift?

18 How can Lions Take the Lead? Talk about personal preparedness with your members, communities. Share information through your networks. Host events. Use the Toolkit to talk about preparedness & help others to know what to do about pandemic flu. Promote 3 key actions…

19 ACTION 1: Stop Germs from Spreading…

20 Wash your hands. Cover your cough. Stay home when you’re sick.

21 ACTION 2. Stay informed …


23 Learn about state & local plans.

24 Make a personal / family plan.

25 ACTION 3. Stock up to Stay Home …

26 Stock food & supplies for up to 2 weeks.

27 Plan to care for the sick at home.

28 3 Things to KNOW Pandemic flu is a world-wide outbreak of a new flu virus. It would make lots of people sick, and cause many deaths. Experts say it WILL happen. If pandemic is severe, you might run out of food, medicine and other things you need. That’s because many of the people who make and sell them will be too sick to work. With so many people sick, there won’t be enough doctors, nurses or hospital beds. You might have to take care of yourself or loved ones at home.

29 3 Things to DO Make a habit of washing your hands often and well. Cough or sneeze into a tissue or your sleeve — not your hand! Stay away from others when you’re sick. This will help stop germs from spreading. Stock up on things such as canned food, bottled water, bathroom items, baby or elder-care needs, home care supplies, and batteries for radios and flashlights. In a severe pandemic, there will be shortages. Refill prescriptions ASAP. Learn about what might happen if pandemic is severe. Plan what you and your family will do if schools are closed, or you can’t go to work.

30 3 Places to GO to Learn More HHS & partners website: Health Dept. website: Call this toll-free help line: 800-CDC-INFO (800-232-4636) TTY: 888-232-6348

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