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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Award Tracking Report Users Group – October 12, 2005.

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1 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Award Tracking Report Users Group – October 12, 2005

2 Page 2 Overview  Report Purpose  Selecting Parameters  Reading the Report  Extraction to Excel (Webinar)  Manipulating the Output (Webinar)

3 Page 3 Award Tracking Report - Purpose  Provides a Management Tool for Planning and Execution of the Grants Process  Purpose Track Award Actions Through Grants Online  Some Caveats The Award Tracking Report cannot summarize all of a Program Office/Officer’s Awards Requires applications to receive an award number (performed during conduct negotiations) prior to being listed on the Award Tracking Report. Summary information is not available directly from the Award Tracking Report. To get summary information, you must manipulate the data after extraction to Excel.

4 Page 4 Executing The Report  Access for Internal Users Only

5 Page 5 Selecting Parameters

6 Page 6 Selecting Parameters  Quick Reference Guide >  Grants Online Training > Award Tracking Report  Parameters are Restrictors  Only 2 Required – Start/End FY  Some Parameters Dependent on Others Line Office > Program Office > FPO Line Office > CFDA  Select Checkboxes AFTER Line Office > Program Office > FPO

7 Page 7 Selecting Parameters  Start/End Fiscal Year Last complete year of awards is FY 2003 Some awards go back to 1995  FPO A Program Office is required in order to select FPO May need to run report multiple times to get all actions — Alternatively, run report for the entire LO and sort results by FPO.

8 Page 8 Selecting Parameters  Funded Only A “Funded Award” is an award that has money, not one that has been signed Cannot get “Unfunded Only”  Recipient Name/City Use wildcards - % Not Case Sensitive  Congressional District Doesn’t make sense without state Precede single-digit districts with “0”, e.g. 01

9 Page 9 Selecting Parameters  Recipient Type Unreliable until migrated data is cleaned — Target Date: October 1, 2006  Signed Award Only Cannot get “Unsigned Award Only” Withdrawn/rejected actions are NOT reported  Award Start/End Dates Start Date on or after entered date End Date on or before entered date

10 Page 10 Reading the Report  Quick Reference Guide >  Grants Online Training > Award Tracking Report

11 Page 11 Reading the Report

12 Page 12 Reading the Report  Amendment Number (B) No number until signed X – Workflow is on Award File A – No Award File yet, Application Only N – Workflow has gone back to Application for Negotiations  Award File Id (C) If you need Help Desk help, they need this! Application ID for Amendment Number = A

13 Page 13 Reading the Report  Fiscal Year (D) Determination Order — Grants Officer Signature Date — Affiliated RFA for Application in Award Package — Current Fiscal Year –No Costs will “Jump” FYs from 9/30 to 10/1  Program Office (F) Determination Order — Workflow-affiliated Organization for Award File — Program Office of RFA for Application in Award File — Program Office of RFA for Original Award Application

14 Page 14 Reading the Report  FPO (G) Determination Order — Workflow on the Award File — Assigned PO to the Application  Application Due Date (J) Competitive — Due date from competition Non-Competitive — Appropriation Signature Date + 60

15 Page 15 Reading the Report  Application Received Date (K) Major Tracking Milestone For FY2006 apps – GMAC reps will likely be requested to supply missing data.

16 Page 16 Reading the Report  Grants Specialist (L) Not determined until sent to GMD  Federal Share (AG) Determination Order — Signed: Award Document Amount — Award File in Progress: Sum of CD435s — In Negotiation: Sum of Application Funding Amounts

17 Page 17 Reading the Report  Non-Federal Share (AH) Determination Order — Signed: Award Document Amount — Award File in Progress: Formula based on sum of CD435s — In Negotiation: Sum of Application Funding Amounts  Award File Complete (AM) Complete if all documents are through approval at Line Office level (CD435, NEPA, PO Checklist) CD435 will show complete, but still have the red X to indicate that CAMS personnel are not finished with it.

18 Page 18 Reading the Report  Award Action Status (AN) Values — In Progress GMD — In Progress Program Office — Signed and Complete — N/A –Not in workflow yet OR –There is a technical issue »CALL THE HELP DESK  Multiyear (AP) Set to “Y” if any application in the award has more than one Fiscal Year funding line

19 Page 19 Extraction to Excel  Webinar Topic: Grants Online User Group Meeting Date: Wednesday, October 12, 2005 Time: 2:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time Training session password: grantsonline Teleconference: 866-427-0077 *3348288* Session Number: 921 384 123 Please click the following link to see more information about the training session, including its agenda, or to join the session. /j.php?ED=86099782&UID=32023807 To contact Mark La Fave, call 1-301-713-1000 or, send a message to this address: /j.php?ED=86099782&UID=32023807

20 Page 20 Extraction to Excel  Template File — >  Grants Online Training > Award Tracking Report Download to Desktop  Template File > Report File Open Template File and “Save As…” — Pick a File Name — For the rest of this exercise, this file will be referred to as MyReport.xls

21 Page 21 Extraction to Excel  Execute Report Select Parameters, Click “Run Report” Do you want to Open or Save This File? — ALWAYS CHOOSE SAVE

22 Page 22 Extraction to Excel  Open the Report Output File (runReport.xls)  Highlight and Select all the Data Start at row below the column headings  Select is CTRL-C -or- Choose Select from Edit Pulldown Menu

23 Page 23 Extraction to Excel  Open the Report File You Created from the Template (MyReport.xls)  Place cursor in first data cell  Right-click and select “Paste Special…”  Choose the Values radio button and click OK.

24 Page 24 Extraction to Excel  MyReport.xls now has the report properly formatted  Save the file

25 Page 25 Manipulating the Output  Where’s my stuff? #1 Reason to Run the Award Tracking Report  Assumption You are a Program Officer in multiple Program Offices in the same Line Office — In this case, you are Cynthia Binkley, a Program Officer in the FHQ and SERO Program Offices under NMFS  Run the report for the Current Fiscal Year, selecting only the NMFS Line Office  Sort the output by Program Officer and delete all rows before and after Cynthia Binkley.

26 Page 26 Manipulating the Output  How many funded awards were made by NOS in FY 2005?  Run the report for the single Fiscal Year, selecting the NOS Line Office and checking the Funded Only box  Sort the output by the Grants Officer Signature Date Delete the rows with unsigned awards  Count the rows for number of Funded Awards (-1 for column headings)  Sum the Federal Funding column

27 Page 27 Manipulating the Output  What awards were made to the Government of Puerto Rico from June 2004 through May 2005?  Run the report for: FYs 2004 and 2005 Funded Only Recipient State: PR Grants Officer Sign Date between 06/01/2004 and 05/31/2005  Do not enter these parameters Signed award only (unnecessary) Recipient Type (Target Reliability Date: October 1, 2006)  Manually remove the rows for the non-Government Recipients

28 Page 28 Manipulating the Output  Excel Data Manipulation Tips Use Window > Freeze Panes to keep column headings and/or award numbers visible DO NOT have data highlighted when sorting Use Paste Special — Paste Special > Formats to copy formatting from one sheet to another — Paste Special > Values to get the data from a results sheet to a preformatted sheet — Both sheets must be open under the same executable for Paste Special to provide the appropriate menu

29 Page 29 Manipulating the Output  AFTER you copy the report data to the sheet Delete columns of non-interest — Column Select > Edit > Delete Move columns to preferred order — Column Select > Cut (CTRL-X) — Column Select > Right-Click > Insert Cut Cells  Save the Report Template as a Template  Get the Tech Republic “75 Essential Excel Tips” Available at the Tech Republic Web Site for members — Do not visit unless you have spyware protection Request from

30 Page 30 Additional Resources  Go to the Grants Online PMO Website at to Access: Grants Online Training/Support Resources Frequently Asked Questions

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