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Improved Access Through Innovations in Health Human Resources.

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1 Improved Access Through Innovations in Health Human Resources

2 2 Drivers of Innovation in Health Human Resources Population Drivers: more numerous and older more culturally diverse more chronic than acute diseases increasingly involved, informed consumers seek complementary and alternative care focus on wellness and disease prevention Health Provider Drivers: older and seeking career transition and retirement continue to come from a range of other nations want more balance and flexibility in their careers work in a mobile, international and opportunity-laden market demand healthy and stimulating workplaces need new educational models to deal with a rapidly evolving base of knowledge and technology Health System Drivers: increasingly based in the community setting delivered by interprofessional teams focus on health promotion and disease prevention greater use of new technology including tele-medicine, robotics and genetics/proteomics …. New expectations, capacities and roles are demanded of our workforce

3 We must act now! More of the same… the same practice models, the same educational systems, the same planning approaches… will not prepare us High demand and system pressures creates motivation and opportunity for innovation

4 4 Introducing HealthForceOntario What is HealthForceOntario? HealthForceOntario is Ontario’s innovative, multi-year, plan to ensure that the right number and mix of appropriately educated professionals are available now and in the future to meet the needs of Ontarians Introduced May 3, 2006 Created in partnership with Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities; and the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration

5 5 Focus on Access (Health Results Team) New Structure & Process (LHINs) Health Providers (HFO Strategy) HealthForceOntario In Context Healthier Ontarians

6 6 Information & Planning Capacity Assessment & Education Practice Environment Right number and mix; in right place at right time; with the right skills HealthForceOntario Strategic Framework

7 7 HealthForceOntario -- Principles Must include broad range of providers in the system Recognize educators, leaders, patients, family and community as key members of the strategy Align with government priorities Must engage government, providers, employers, planners, and the people who use the system Ensure safety and competency for patients and providers Encourage patient/client focused collaborative care Must recognize and treat health care providers as core assets, ‘value centres’, in the health care system Must be a ‘package’ for all sectors and players- short, medium and long term

8 8 HealthForceOntario -- Goals Make Ontario more competitive Maintain and develop a competitive work force Establish new roles in areas of high need Make Ontario the employer-of-choice in health care

9 9 Increasing access by increased supply …. Increase Nurse Practitioner education seats from 75 to 150 Increase positions for International Medical Graduates from 90 to 200 70% increase in Family Medicine training positions 23% increase in medical school positions including a new Medical School and 3 new satellite campuses Doubling of midwifery positions 3X increase in pharmacy positions including a new school of pharmacy Since 2000 >=10% increase in practicing OT, PT, MRT and MLT

10 10 HealthForceOntario – New Roles New roles…Under Pilot Implementation  Physician Assistant  Nurse Endoscopist  Surgical First Assist  Clinical Specialist Radiation Therapist  Anaesthesia Assistants  Advanced Practice Physiotherapists

11 11 HealthForceOntario – New Roles New roles…Under Legislative/Regulatory Process  Pharmacy Assistants  Prescribing authority for Optometrists and RN-EC  Dental Hygienists scaling and planning without an order  Regulation of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Kinesiology, Naturopathy, Psychotherapy

12 12 HealthForceOntario – New Roles New roles…Guiding Principles  Proof of principle exists  Local champions for demonstration  Area of need  Part of patient centred team based care – not competition/replacement  Safety

13 Thank You

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