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ANGLAIS 101 Finding Research Articles for English Literature © University of Alberta Library.

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1 ANGLAIS 101 Finding Research Articles for English Literature © University of Alberta Library

2 Getting started with research Books vs. periodical articles Searching databases – e.g. MLA International Bibliography Finding periodical articles in the Library Search your topic – we’re here to help © University of Alberta Library Today’s topics

3 Books Books are a good place to start if the person is well known (Margaret Atwood or Shakespeare) The bibliographies within books on your topic provide references to other books and articles. (NEOS Libraries) Catalogue.





8 For works or critiques about the author, search the author as a subject


10 Find books about both an author and a specific topic Type an author’s name and a topical term, joining these with and shakespeare and women mary shelley and science fiction mary shelley and (science or medicine)




14 Call number of book Library and location

15 Periodical Articles Periodical articles are a good starting point if: An author’s reputation is recent or local You are looking for something very specific (e.g. the symbolism of flowers in Hamlet) Periodical Databases

16 What is a periodical? Periodical: Published on an ongoing, regular basis Also known as journals Magazines, journals, newspapers Formats : electronic, paper microformat Periodicals may be scholarly or of general interest. Select carefully.

17 Locating paper periodicals Current Issues Shelved separately in north-west corner of library Organized alphabetically by title Older Issues Located in general collection, bound and interfiled with books by call number

18 Citation The written reference to a periodical article The information you need to: find the article include in a list of sources used (e.g. bibliography) Keep your citations!

19 Citation example Characterization in Mansfield Park: Tom Bertram and Coleman’s the Heir at Law. By: Giotta, Peter C.; Review of English Studies, Nov 98, Vol. 49 Issue 196, p466, 6p Periodical title Article title

20 Finding Periodicals in the Library When all you have is a citation: Search the NEOS Libraries Catalogue Search by “Periodical title”

21 Search the Catalogue for the periodical title Review of English Studies Does the Library have Vol. 49 (November 1998)?




25 Is Review of English Studies available at the U of A?

26 Rutherford has Vol. 49

27 Databases Use to find articles on a given topic May be subject specific (MLA Bibliography) or have broad coverage (Academic Search Premier) May include citations, or full text, or a mix Many different databases (500+) Databases are organized in different ways adapt search techniques HELP information is always available

28 MLA Bibliography citations and links to full text focus is literature and language international and very scholarly Enter via the English Language and Literature Web page.

29 Path to Databases for Research in English Literature

30 Subject Link

31 English Link

32 English Language and Literature

33 Searching MLA




37 1 2 3

38 Go to folder



41 If there is no Get It! button, do a Periodical Title search

42 MLA Citation Style Modern Language Association Gibaldi, Joseph. MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. 6th edition. New York: The Modern Language Association of America, 2003. Call number: LB 2369 G52 (Reference & General Collection)

43 MLA Citation Style

44 Online Dictionaries

45 Tips to Remember search the (NEOS Libraries) Catalogue to find books search databases to find articles use the English Language and Literature Web page to remember useful databases and find more specialized research guides. if you have a citation, search the Catalogue to see if the library owns the periodical

46 Reference Services Ask any question. Visit us in person. Try e-mail or chat reference from any computer, anywhere! Telephone us.

47 Search!

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